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    Recently, the Yale Corporation renamed one of its residential colleges for computer scientist Grace Hopper, dropping the name of John C. Calhoun, whose political philosophy included a defense of slavery. The decision came after months of campus protest over honoring Calhoun whose beliefs many find abhorrent. Tampering with the historical record, however has its dangerous side. Similar demands for renaming buildings honoring historical figures have been made at other institutions including Princeton University, where students took issue with the use of President Woodrow Wilson's name because he did not share modern sentiments on race and supported certain segregationist practices.

    In order to honor President's Day, I thought I would share five of my favorite presidential moments. I'll present them in historical, rather than "top" or favorite, order.

    Abraham Lincoln: "Gettysburg Address"

    Like many conservatives, I have serious reservations about much that Lincoln did, but this speech is a winner from beginning to end.

    Tucker Carlson said true things on TV recently that triggered the far left. Carlson had the audacity to point out the left's hierarchy of victimhood on college campuses. He was talking to guest Scott Greer, author of the book "No Campus for White Men." Carlson pointed to the case of Nicholas Christakis who left his position as master of Sillman College at Yale after being verbally assaulted on campus by social justice warriors.
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