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    Democrats have spent months pressing Joe Biden not to concede the election, in Hillary Clinton's words, "under any circumstances."  They've been war-gaming what to do if President Trump wins the election by winning the Electoral College (and losing the meaningless popular vote).  They've made it quite clear that the only acceptable result to them is a Biden win.

    Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School teenager who was smeared by mainstream media outlets after he stood toe to toe with a professional protester during the march for life, was asked to speak at last night's RNC. Sandmann experienced the full wrath of a national cancellation campaign perpetrated by the media, celebrities, and even higher education.

    If there's one moment that should chill the radical left and its mind-numbed robots to its core, it's the recent Washington Post article attacking a random leftist woman for "racism" at one of its own Halloween costume parties, a party that took place two years ago. The appalling, sloppy, unprofessional mean girl hit piece on a non-public figure ended up getting the woman fired from her job.

    Severe TDS-sufferer Jennifer Rubin tried to argue that President Donald Trump's inaction on the Wuhan coronavirus led to the death of thousands of Americans and basically destroyed the country. Thankfully, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) came in with a cool head and tweeted out the much-needed facts when it comes to Trump's response to the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Elizabeth Warren political and personal narrative is that she has always been a selfless fighter against big corporations. But as we first exposed in 2012, Warren maintained a vibrant legal practice when she was a professor at Harvard Law School that paints a different picture. Warren recently admitted that she made, at minimum, close to $2 million with her legal practice, most of it after she joined HLS as a tenured professor.

    The second round of Democrat presidential debates have caused even more clown car chaos for a party clearly struggling to find its footing. Not only was the second round of debates a ratings failure for CNN, but the candidates on night one were called out for being too extreme by their own party and the candidates on night two assailed Obama. Both the extremism and the attacks on Obama have stirred leftists to respond.

    It's like clockwork.  When a prominent Democrat lands themselves in hot water, the Washington Post oftentimes publishes puff pieces or fact checks defending them. They did it with Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran over her infanticide bill and with Gov. Ralph Northam's defense of it. Now they're doing it with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5), who recently noted that 9/11 was perpetrated when "some people did something."