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    California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has decided to remove hundreds of National Guard troops from the border. The National Guard has until the end of March to finish the removal. Newsom just gave President Donald Trump an excuse to invoke the National Emergencies Act. From Fox News:
    Newsom’s plan will require the National Guard to immediately begin withdrawing troops but still give it until the end of March to do so. According to excerpts from his Tuesday State of the State address, he will call the “border emergency” a “manufactured crisis,” and will say that “California will not be part of this political theater.”

    Trump is widely portrayed as having suffered a devastating loss to Nancy Pelosi by agreeing to a continuing resolution without additional funding for a border wall in some form. And certainly, Pelosi is crowing about her victory. She's also emboldened, accusing Trump of being subjected to blackmail by Putin. (Exact quote: "What does Putin have on @realDonaldTrump, politically, personally or financially?").

    When I reported that 150 "caravan migrants" attempted to storm the border near San Diego on Christmas Eve, I noted that a second caravan had been formed in Honduras. It appears that the next band of border busters is poised to enter Mexico.
    Mexican authorities will meet with Central American officials to prepare for the arrival of a planned new caravan of migrants headed to the United States next week.

    CNN's Jim Acosta took a break from being a nuisance in the White House press briefing room this week to prove how ridiculous Trump is for suggesting there is a crisis on the southern border. In one of the most epic and unaware self-owns in media history, he ended up making Trump's point eloquently. Acosta visited McAllen, Texas, an area where the border is protected by a gigantic steel fence and pointed out that there was no crisis there at all.

    President Donald Trump tweeted today that he will give a national address on the situation on our southern border. He will travel to the area on Thursday. After hours of  "will they, won't they" coverage,  the broadcast networks and cable news networks decided they will broadcast Trump on Tuesday night. Only CBS confirmed the broadcast by Monday evening. However, their decision led to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to demand equal airtime.
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