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    British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has sided with U.S. President Donald Trump in his ongoing Twitter spat with London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Hunt said he "150 per cent" agreed with the U.S. President's comments on Khan. Present Trump had shared a tweet by the conservative British columnist Katie Hopkins highlighting rampant knife crime in London. "London needs a new mayor ASAP. Khan is a disaster -- will only get worse!" he commented on the tweet.

    President Donald Trump gave a warm welcome to Polish President Andrzej Duda along with his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda During a joint press conference, Trump promised more troops with further support for the European nation.
    President Trump said Wednesday he is sending 1,000 additional troops to Poland in an effort to strengthen the U.S.’s alliance with the Eastern European country.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spoken against a trade deal with the United Kingdom if the country fails to solve the "hard border" issue between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with the European Union before leaving the bloc. Brussels wants the border between Ireland, an EU member state, and Northern Ireland, a part of the UK, to remain open after Brexit. The arrangement, also known as the "the backstop," will allow the EU to dictate immigration and trade policies in Northern Ireland, a move that will erode British sovereignty over the region. Many Brexit supporters see the backstops as a tactic to shackle Britain to EU law and regulations.

    Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met with President Donald Trump on Monday to thank him for American efforts to enhance relations between the two nations. However, before the press conference with Egypt's leader, Trump gave a robust and heated response to a press assertion that he was "cleaning house" at the Department of Homeland Security.

    Then-president Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal was widely condemned on the right and by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who referred to the deal as a "bad" and "very bad deal."  One of then-candidate Trump's campaign promises was to extract the the U.S. from this very bad deal, and he did so in the second year of his presidency. Much to the chagrin of Democrats, the DNC, and the former Obama administration, this withdrawal from the Iran deal has been far more successful in stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities and from sponsoring worldwide terrorism than the original, bad deal was sold to accomplish.

    The last time we checked on North Korea, all the participating parties in the Hanoi Summit were regrouping after the sudden collapse of the high-level meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong Un. Now it is being reported that after a North Korean opposition group stormed the North Korean embassy in Spain last month, it handed over data stolen from the raid to the FBI.

    We have been chronicling how South Korea has been teaming up with North Korea on a number if different projects in an apparent effort geared toward eventually opening up the rogue nation in a way that will not be a severe economic strain on its southern neighbor. Though the Hanoi Summit did not conclude with a declaration, South Korea's President Moon Jae-in promises he will work toward having the other two countries complete the peace deal.
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