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    The left pretends that it is all about compassion and empathy, that it's pure of heart and overflowing with good intentions and tolerance.  Anyone who watches them in action, though, knows better and is disgusted by them. The latest example is the outpouring of—in the words of one Twitter user—"hate, revenge, wrath and immaturity" at the news that President Trump's younger brother, Robert, passed away.

    It's like 2016 all over again in almost every.single.way. but also with riots and a global pandemic (thanks, China). Over the weekend, April Ryan, a political analyst for CNN suggested that if Biden wins, America would be watching a split screen in which Trump would be dragged out of the White House over his refusal to leave.

    As we've covered here at LI, antifa violence in Portland, Oregon, and beyond long pre-dates the George Floyd protests that devolved into riots in cities across the country.  Yet the leftstream media would have us believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the antifa anarchists creating mayhem in Portland are peaceful protesters. We are seeing the most stunningly blatant and deeply bizarre gaslighting by both Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and the media about what has been going on in Portland.