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    It is difficult to keep track of all the #WINNING that I enjoyed this past week, between the implosion of RussiaGate and the IRS apology to Tea Party groups. Personally, I am savoring President Trump's efforts to reverse course on Obama's toxic domestic and foreign policies. Trump's regulatory rollbacks, as well as his nixing of the Paris Climate Accord and EPA head Scott Pruitt's ending the "Clean Power Plan", has already helped fuel the American economic engine.

    Legal Insurrection readers will recall President Donald Trump's address earlier this summer, in which he outlined all the reasons he was withdrawing the United States from the international climate agreement his predecessor signed in Paris. The U.S. Department of State has now officially filed notice to begin the formal process of withdrawal from the Paris accord.
    Today, the United States submitted a communication to the United Nations, in its capacity as depositary for the Paris Agreement, regarding the U.S. intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement as soon as it is eligible to do so, consistent with the terms of the Agreement. As the President indicated in his June 1 announcement and subsequently, he is open to re-engaging in the Paris Agreement if the United States can identify terms that are more favorable to it, its businesses, its workers, its people, and its taxpayers.

    In June, as President Trump spoke about withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, he indicated that he would be open to renegotiating the deal for terms more favorable to this country. Initially, it appeared that the other signatories of the international agreement would not agree to new negotiations. However, Trump's remarks in France on the heels of the G20 economic summit indicates the political climate may have changed.

    Many eco-activists have mocked statements that President Donald Trump, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, and many others have made in the efforts to fight climate alarmist policies. As I noted in a previous post, President Donald Trump understands enough about climate science to be highly skeptical of diverting millions of American dollars into the global bureaucracy. In fact, I asserted that he comprehended more real science that the climate change proponents. Proof that I am correct (again) comes in the form of a paper in Nature Geoscience: Causes of differences in model and satellite tropospheric warming rates. Since this is a weighty article, I will cut to the chase and hit the highlights.

    Because of my Legal Insurrection coverage of climate change, in the wake of the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, I was asked directly: Exactly how much climate science does President Trump understand. Like any true science, climatology is filled with highly technical terms, professional jargon, complex mathematics, and a myriad of other aspects that are challenging to understand and master. For example, a talk by Dr. William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University, shows the discussion included the variability of carbon dioxide levels through history and flaws in the computer models used related to lack of cloud cover influence on temperature.

    On today's Meet the Press, John Kerry compared President Trump's explanation of pulling out of the Paris climate accord to O.J. Simpson wanting to find the 'real killer' of Nicole Simpson Brown:

    "When Donald Trump says to the world, well, we're going to negotiate a better [climate] deal. I mean, you know, he's going to go out and find a better deal? That's like -- I mean that's like O.J. Simpson saying he's going to go out and find the real killer. Everybody knows he's not going doing to do that because he doesn't believe in it. Because if he did believe in it, you wouldn't pull out of Paris."

    On Thursday, President Trump announced the great news that he is withdrawing the U. S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, and the response across the internet was predictable.  On Friday, dozens of states and cities announced that they had established a "United States Climate Alliance" to meet the U. S.'s commitment without Washington. Thus far, the California-led effort seems focused on lowering carbon emissions and not on the government's financial commitments. The Los Angeles Times reports:
    President Trump may be quitting the Paris accord on climate change — but forcing the rest of the nation to go along with him is proving more of a challenge. Led by California, dozens of states and cities across the country responded Friday to Trump’s attack on the worldwide agreement by vowing to fulfill the U.S. commitment without Washington — a goal that is not out of reach.

    I have been involved in the fight against climate alarmists and their economy crushing policies since 2009 when I reported on the flaws in the climate models during an informative lecture given in San Diego. Eight years later, I nervously awaited the announcement on the Paris Climate Accord, as I wasn't certain that President Donald Trump would follow through on his promise to withdraw because of the intense pressure he was under. But withdraw he did, with a historic address that should be on list of best presidential speeches in American history.

    The battle between global elitism and nationalism was on display on today's Morning Joe. The panelists exposed their own elitism while Joe Scarborough declared that—at least within the Trump administration—nationalism, in the person of Steve Bannon, is winning. Scarborough reported that his sources tell him that Bannon has been leaking about Jared Kushner's Russia contacts in an effort to "sideline" Kushner and preserve his own place within the administration. A bit later, Joe proclaimed Bannon "President of the United States," given his influence over the actual president.

    Thursday afternoon, the White House formally announced the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement orchestrated by President Obama. Climate alarmists internet-wide defaulted to doomsday predictions and declared America "lost". I can't help but chuckle when reading the micro freakouts. My favorite parts are the sincere beliefs that 1) people control the weather and 2) a treaty will stop global climates from climating.

    President Donald Trump has announced from the Rose Garden that America will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump talked about withdrawing from the agreement. However, the U.S. did not officially join the agreement as The Washington Post points out:
    What he should say is that the United States never properly joined the accord: It is a treaty that requires the advice and consent of the Senate. Instead, President Barack Obama choose to “adopt” it with an executive order last September.
    Politico has reported that Trump's administration has already sent word out to officials that America "will pull out of the Paris climate agreement."

    With Europe in the grip of Jihadi terrorism and an ever-worsening migrant crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to isolate Germany and take rest of the Europe with her. "The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I have experienced that in the last few days," Chancellor Merkel said at an election rally in the city of Munich. "We Europeans must really take our destiny in our own hands." Chancellor Merkel's defiant talk was "applauded by 2,000 listeners" present in a Munich beer tent, local media reported. "Merkel doesn't consider the U.S. a reliable partner anymore," wrote the German newspaper Die Welt.  Merkel "has no confidence in transatlantic relationship writes Munich's Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

    President Donald Trump concluded his first trip abroad as Commander-in-Chief with a speech at the Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily before returning to Washington, D.C., saying that his the nine-day international tour was a home run.
    “But we have been gone for close to nine days. This will be nine days. And I think we hit a home run no matter where we are,” Trump said in Italy. ...The president is heading back to Washington, D.C. following a trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, and Belgium. After meeting with the Pope, Trump traveled to Brussels for a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit and concluded his trip in Sicily at the G7 summit.

    It is being reported that President Donald Trump is delaying a decision on withdrawing from the landmark Paris climate accord until after the conclusion of a key international meeting.
    "Trump had originally aimed to announce his intentions before traveling to the summit, held in Sicily at the end of this month. Instead, he will wait until after the G7 to make a decision, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. I think it's simply a sign that the President wants to continue to meet with his team," Spicer told reporters at the White House.

    Last weekend, I covered the #MarchForScience, an organized series of nationwide demonstrations supposedly in support of funding all science by the American government...but more an excuse for railing against the policies of President Donald Trump. This weekend, there was the "People's Climate March", supposedly in support of funding climate science by the American government...but more an excuse for railing against the policies of President Donald Trump.