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    Sweden faces political impasse after ruling left-wing coalition and the opposition center-right alliance failed to win a clear majority in Sunday's election. The biggest winner of the night was the nationalist party, the Swedish Democrats, who won 18 percent of the vote, compared to 12 percent in the 2014 elections. "We see that we are this election's winner, but now we enter a new mandate period and now we are going to get influence over Swedish politics for real," Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, told supporters Sunday night. “We strengthen our kingmaker role. We will will have an immense influence over what happens in Sweden in the coming weeks, months, years," he added.

    Data from Swedish state TV station, SVT, revealed that 58% of men convicted of rape and attempted rape in Sweden were born abroad. From the BBC:
    The Mission Investigation programme, due to be broadcast on Wednesday by SVT, said the total number of offenders over five years was 843. Of those, 197 were from the Middle East and North Africa, with 45 coming from Afghanistan.

    The New York Times has experienced an amazing epiphany: Sweden's open-door policy to refugees from Muslim countries has created a crisis of violence and crime in Sweden.  While they myopically attribute this crisis to "gangs," they do dabble with the idea that integration of foreign nationals into the existing socio-cultural framework of the host country may be desirable after all. This is a remarkable shift given the NYT's attempts to cover up the escalation of violence, rape, and crime perpetrated by refugees in Sweden.  Remember their feigned shock when President Trump last year pointed out, quite rightly, that Sweden was feeling the negative affects of letting hundreds of thousands of refugees flood their country?

    Five years ago, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sought refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy in London after Sweden launched a rape investigation against him. Today, Swedish officials have dropped the investigation. From The Local Sweden:
    In a statement on its website, the Swedish prosecution authority said that the "Director of Public Prosecution, Ms Marianne Ny, has today decided to discontinue the investigation regarding suspected rape (lesser degree) by Julian Assange".

    Yesterday, we covered the terror attack in Sweden in which a terrorist drove a stolen truck into a mall and killed at least four people and injured dozens more.  Today, we are learning more about the 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan believed to be responsible for the attack and about the reaction of Swedes to the terror attack. CBS News reports:
    The suspect in Stockholm’s deadly beer truck attack is a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan who had been on authorities’ radar previously, Swedish authorities said Saturday. The prime minister urged citizens to “get through this” and strolled through the streets of the capital to chat with residents.

    A man plowed a truck into a shopping center in Stockholm, Sweden, killing at least five people and injuring many more. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has called it a terror attack:
    "Sweden has been attacked. Everything indicates an act of terror," PM Stefan Löfven said at a press conference on Friday afternoon. "The government is informed and doing everything to help authorities with it."

    Professor Jacobson has written about what's happening in Sweden many times over the years. He recently wrote a detailed post about the liberal narrative vs. the reality in which he concluded Malmo was the warning. Last night on the Tucker Carlson show, Daily Mail reporter Katie Hopkins described a recent visit to Sweden which confirmed that many women live in fear. Here's an excerpt of her recent article in the Daily Mail:
    Where females fear to tread: KATIE HOPKINS reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth I didn't come to Sweden for the riots. Or because of Trump. In fact, I was supposed to be here in December — before airline strikes stood in my way. I came because I was asked. Repeatedly.

    Donald Trump's offhanded comment about immigration problems in Sweden was met with two reactions. First, deception. Much of the media and many political opponents invented the fake claim that Trump referred to a terror incident that happened the night before. It was a lie, as the transcript showed, NBC Falsely Suggests Trump Talked of ‘Terror Incident’ in Sweden. While Trump may not have used the most clear language, he clearly didn't mention either specifically or in general a terror incident happening the night before. I understood what he was referring to when he mentioned something last night -- it was a Fox News report on a video about immigration problems in Sweden. Second, Trump was attacked, including by the Swedish government, for relying on a video report that allegedly exaggerated the problems. As we reported, the filmmaker stood by his video, Filmmaker Confirms Numbers on Refugees And Crime in Sweden. Here is the original video, which featured Swedish Jewish reporter Annika Hernroth-Rothstein:

    Huffington Post hates Donald Trump. Af first, it refused to cover his primary campaign in the Politics section, putting coverage instead in the Entertainment section. Of course, the joke was on HuffPo, since that move proved it wasn't a serious news organization. Then, HuffPo added a "disclaimer" to the end of each column about Trump: "Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.” That didn't stop Trump from winning the presidency. How far will HuffPo go to hurt Trump? Far enough to delete a post that credited Trump with being right in his comments about Sweden having problems due to mass immigration and migration.