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    The AARP has started airing a series of ads meant to cause concern about the future of Social Security. It's odd for them to show so much concern after pushing the financial disaster known as Obamacare. The Huffington Post is angry about the advocacy group's use of "conservative scare tactics." From their report:
    Nation’s Largest Seniors Group Is Using Conservative Scare Tactics On Social Security Television viewers across the country have been treated to some scary advertisements about the future of Social Security. “Our next president needs to take action on Social Security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year,” the narrator intones, as ominous music plays in the background.

    Alan Simpson, unlike Bob Etheridge, stayed and answered questions during a hostile ambush interview, and gave the questioner, Alex Lawson of Social Security Works (filming for Firedoglake's "live stream") an earful about the fallacies behind left-wing attacks on reforming Social Security and lowering the deficit.Lawson...

    Professor Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame but writing for Forbes, focuses on changing the way we view and treat "old" age as one of the keys to solving the social security problem:But even much more modest progress--extending healthy middle age from 60 to, say, 80--would...

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