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    The word and thought police have reached brand new levels of crazy. Professional race car driver Conor Daly has lost a sponsorship because his father reportedly uttered a racial slur in the 1980's.  To put this in some perspective, Conor wasn't born until 1991, yet he is paying for the sins of his father. I had to double-check this report to make sure it wasn't satire, but sure enough, Conor's dad allegedly said the "N" word more than thirty years ago, so Lilly Diabetes has pulled its sponsorship of his son's No. 6 car in the NASCAR Xfinity race at Road America.

    In the wake of the controversy surrounding New York Times hire Sarah Jeong, Vox writers busily composed articles defending Jeong's racist rants.  Apparently, there's a whole other "social justice" language that makes her racist tweets not only acceptable but not racist at all. There was so much twisting of logic and SJW semantic gymnastics that Cal State sociology professor Bradley Campbell put together a nifty chart to help us understand the finer points of microagressions versus Orwellian SJW babble.

    The left is ticked off at New York Magazine columnist Andrew Sullivan and they won't stop until they get blood! He penned an article that blasted The New York Times for keeping Sarah Jeong despite her history of tweeting out racist tweets against white people. How DARE he think racism is racism! In his article he stated that he doesn't think the publication should fire her.
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