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    The third night of the Republican National Convention featured a wide variety of speakers, but one speech that truly stood out came from former NFL player and self-described 'lifelong Democrat' Jack Brewer. Brewer addressed some of the common lies told about President Trump, and even excoriated the media for pushing misinformation.

    Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School teenager who was smeared by mainstream media outlets after he stood toe to toe with a professional protester during the march for life, was asked to speak at last night's RNC. Sandmann experienced the full wrath of a national cancellation campaign perpetrated by the media, celebrities, and even higher education.

    Tuesday, Professor Jacobson blogged about one of THE most tone-deaf cable news segments I've ever seen. A CNN panel hosted by Don Lemon, billing Rick Wilson, (a former Republican political consultant who sold his soul to the NeverTrump brigade and now poses as a token "Republican" on CNN and MSNBC to trash actual Republicans and right-leaning folk) were overcome with fits of laughter while mocking Trump and Trump supporters as bassackwards hillbillies, ignoramuses, and simpletons.

    Patti Russo, the woman in charge of the prestigious Women's Campaign School at Yale University, told NBC News that the majority of calls she has received in the last year came from Republic women. Russo explained the school collected "triple the number of applications from Republicans" because these women are "tired of being quiet, and they know they have a lot to give."