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    Longtime Tennessee Democrat state representative John DeBerry, Jr. gave an impassioned speech earlier this month on the floor of the Tennessee Senate. DeBerry, who recalls marching with his father and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shared his experiences with peaceful Civil Rights-era protests and expressed his outrage that today's violent riots are being hailed as a continuation of those carried out in the 60's.

    Kenosha, WI is under siege by mobs of violent rioters, looters, vandals, and arsonists. The mainstream media is spinning this as a normal reaction to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, but it's obviously a gang of criminal thugs wreaking havoc and destroying lives and livelihoods because they can.  No matter the impetus, this is not okay.

    But I thought everyone would calm down when the federal agents left the federal courthouse in Portland! The latest riot in Portland proves it has everything to do with mayhem and nothing about black lives, systematic racism, or police brutality. Rioters attacked the Multnomah Building, which has offices for the local sheriff, but mostly "houses offices for county departments that provide social services that have no connection to the police."
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