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    The Great Debate is whether Joe Biden will debate Donald Trump in the series of three debates currently suggested. While insisting that Biden "looks forward" to debating, you can see the seeds of an excuse being planted, centered around Trump allegedly abusing the debate process AND the coronavirus making travel and appearances risky to health.

    Megyn Kelly released on YouTube a 42-minute interview with Tara Reade, who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault in 1993. While Team Biden has gone after Reade for inconsistencies in her story over time, there also have been corroborating witnesses and documents that show she told others about the assault, or at least problems with Biden, at the time and in the early years after that.

    Another year of fabulous A.F. Branco cartoons is coming to an end. You can view a video of all Tony's 2017 cartoons here. A reader vote on the Best cartoon is becoming an annual event:

    Hollywood, the liberal media, and Democrats kept a dark, dirty secret for decades. It is now acknowledged to have been common knowledge in those domains that numerous women over a long period of time complained about sexual harassment by movie industry mogul Harvey Weinstein. And there was substantial evidence to back up the allegations. But there was silence. And worse than silence, there was cover up.
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