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    Democrats and their media cohorts are scrambling to figure out what to do about Joe Biden's self-inflicted court packing problem. Biden, as we noted yesterday, not only asserted that American voters "don't deserve" to know where he stands on court packing but made the absurd statement that Republicans are "court packing" by lawfully filling an open seat on the Supreme Court.  A move Biden ludicrously claims is "not constitutional."

    Here at LI, we have long covered the Marxist takeover of college education and its devolution into the crazed, self-righteous cancel culture cult that has taken over the leftstream media, Hollywood, and major corporations.  Campus culture has become American culture in many disturbing and alarming ways, and as Andrew Breitbart famously noted "politics is downstream from culture."

    Apparently the left believes that the word "master" has only one meaning and is never / was never used in any other way in the history of the world.  Sigh. I am really just over the crazy, but here we are, now lefties are changing the names of "master bedrooms" and "master sommeliers" and who knows what's next? Master's degrees? MCs at events and in bands? Masterpiece? Master at Arms?  Chess master?

    If there's one moment that should chill the radical left and its mind-numbed robots to its core, it's the recent Washington Post article attacking a random leftist woman for "racism" at one of its own Halloween costume parties, a party that took place two years ago. The appalling, sloppy, unprofessional mean girl hit piece on a non-public figure ended up getting the woman fired from her job.
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