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    Democrats really stepped in it when they forsook "safe, legal, and rare" in exchange for a nationwide push to codify infanticide up to and after birth. Despite the media's attempts to sweep the issue under the rug, the damage is done. A new Marist Poll commissioned by none other than The Knights of Columbus found public attitude shifting in favor of life and by a lot. 17 points a lot. For the first time in 10 years, Americans (based on the poll sample, anyway) are just as likely to identify as pro-life as they are pro-choice.

    What a difference going on groveling apology tours can make for Democrats. Results from two recent Virginia polls show that Gov. Ralph Northam and AG Mark Herring have managed to survive the blackface scandals that rocked the state earlier this month. The sexual assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, however, have divided the state on his fate.

    A recent Rasmussen survey of a hypothetical match-up between former First Lady Michelle Obama and President Trump has Obama victorious. From Rasmussen:
    Michelle Obama has been making the rounds promoting her new book, prompting buzz about a potential presidential run, which she has vehemently denied. But with the midterms over and the focus on 2020, voters think she’d stand a chance.

    A few months ago, Democrats had a commanding lead in a number of polls and talks of a Blue Wave had the GOP rattled. But a lot has happened these few months. A series of missteps, unforced errors, and flat out embarrassments and three weeks before the midterm elections, polls are skewing red.

    As midterms approach, the generic ballot has been in flux. The Democrats began with a double-digit lead, this was whittled down significantly, and is now back up at around 8%.  Other factors make predicting whether or not Republicans can maintain control of the House difficult, but Republicans have an advantage in that even if there is a wave election, they may still retain the House.
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