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    Germans regard U.S. President Donald Trump to be the "greatest threat to world peace," a latest YouGov poll shows. About 41 percent of German respondents picked U.S. President as most dangerous from a list of world leaders which included Iran's Islamic tyrant Ayatollah Khamenei, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Communist China's Xi Jinping, and Russia's Vladimir Putin. More than 2000 Germans were polled for the survey.

    Every once in a while a story catches my eye because it just seems so ludicrous that I have to click over to ensure it's accurate. This is one of those times. CNN's Jeffrey Tobbin, confronted with a CNN poll no less, is in utter denial that the Democrats' misguided impeachment witch hunt is failing even among Democrat voters. Toobin, upon hearing that there is a double-digit drop in Democrat support for impeachment and removal said he didn't believe it for "one second." He declared the poll "wrong" because . . . he "said so."

    Polling gurus like FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver have been quick to point out in recent weeks that former Vice President Joe "Biden’s numbers haven’t declined at all" since the Trump/Zelensky phone call story first broke. But new state and national polls released this week show the cracks in Biden's support wall are now causing the wall to crumble.

    Senator Kamala Harris' presidential campaign has seen highs and lows since she officially entered the race back in January. Yet outside of the two-week time frame after the first Democratic debate where her campaign looked unstoppable, it's been mostly lows. So how does a Democratic candidate, who has run out of excuses for why she can't recapture her brief flirtation with momentum, explain away her campaign woes? Trot out the trusty, dusty race and sexism cards, that's what.

    Joe Biden has come a long way from being the uncontested frontrunner. He jumped into the presidential race in late April, already leading by double digits. He was ahead by comfortable margins through most of the summer, except the two weeks where Sen. Kamala Harris looked like she might catch up with him after the first debate. But things have changed.

    Even with his well-documented penchant for gaffes, his tendency to flub or embellish stories, and his outright lying about his positions on the issues, Joe Biden's lead in national Democratic presidential polling has been consistent and stable. But we're just a few months out from the start of Democratic primaries and caucuses, and the focus is shifting from national polls to state-level polls. It is in some of the early primary state polls that we see cracks in Joe Biden's wall of support:

    In politics as in all things, glory can be fleeting. After the first Democratic debate in late June, the MSM and liberal political commentators treated Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) like the invincible presidential candidate. Her polling numbers rose significantly after she broadsided frontrunner Joe Biden in the opening round. She also saw a nice boost in fundraising. But the last two months have seen the Harris campaign endure an embarrassing freefall. Her polling numbers have tanked, she's lost a significant amount of support from key Democratic voting blocs, and was on the receiving end of a brutal smackdown from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI) at the second debate over her troubling criminal justice record.

    When last we left you, Joe Biden added two more flubs to his ever-growing gaffe list. Along with that were heightened concerns being expressed by Democrats that Biden may no longer be cut out for the rough and tumble of the campaign trail. Questions have popped up over the last few weeks about Biden's age, mental acuity, and toughness. Now comes the news that will be even more unwelcomed by his campaign. A new poll released Monday by Monmouth shows a significant drop in his numbers, putting him in a three-way tie: