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    We haven't written much recently about Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's Labour Party. In 2015, as he was campaigning for Labour leader, we covered his sordid history, Likely British Labour leader’s creepy associations, including Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, Jihadist preachers, BDS and Max Blumenthal, among others.

    The Israeli government has released detailed research they claim exposes the connection between global anti-Israel boycott movement and terrorist groups. The study commissioned by the Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy described the web of connections joining prominent anti-Israel boycott organizations as the "hate network," with their findings allegedly connecting prominent BDS groups operating in the West to Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

    The Argentine soccer team had to cancel a friendly match against Israel in Jerusalem. So I googled "Argentina soccer Israel" and unfortunately I am not shocked to find that many outlets have framed this story as a win for the BDS movement. I hate to break it to you anti-Semites and anti-Israel crowd, but the ACTUAL REASON is because Argentine players received threats that "exceeded those of the Islamic State."

    We have covered the destruction of numerous Hamas and other terror group attack tunnels leading from the Gaza strip into Israel. Our April 15, 2018, post summarized the history of terror tunnel building, which consumes enormous resources that otherwise could go to improving the lives of Gazans, Israel destroys “longest and deepest” Hamas cross-border Gaza attack tunnel.

    When you hear about the suffering of people in Gaza, always remember how Hamas, which controls Gaza, diverts cement, steel and other infrastructure supplies including electricity into building elaborate attack tunnels and developing military rocket capabilities. Add to Hamas other groups, such as Islamic Jihad, which are devoted to Israel's destruction and devote resources to that end, and it's clear that the problem is not Israel or the military blockade, but the decisions made by Palestinians themselves.

    The so-called Great March of Return held every Friday for the past four weeks at the Gaza-Israel border is falsely portrayed as a peaceful civilian protest by groups like Amnesty International. That false designation has led to claims that Israel is violating international law by using live fire against "protesters" who approach the border fence. In fact, as we have documented weekly, the "protests" are actually military operations by Hamas and other terror groups using civilian protests as cover.

    Hamas seems to have found its sweet spot. Under cover of civilian protests, backed by clouds of smoke from burning tires, it sends operatives to try to breach the Israeli border fence. A fence breach would be used to surge hundreds or even thousands of people into Israeli giving Hamas a propaganda victory. Such a breach also would be used by Hamas military operatives for terror operations -- that's why such a high percentage of those killed at the fence have been Hamas or other terror group military members. We have covered this Hamas tactic in numerous prior posts:
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