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    The so-called "Great March of Return" are the weekly riots at the Gaza-Israel border in which Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups mount operations to breach the border fence and attack Israelis under cover of civilians, including women and children. As we have documented extensively, the "children" involved often are teenage military members of terrorist groups. The terrorist groups cynically use these teenagers and also civilian "protesters" for propaganda purposes when they are injured or killed.

    An appeals court in Berlin has ordered the deportation of the convicted Palestinian terrorist, Rasmea Odeh. The Higher Regional Court was responding to an appeal filed by Odeh's lawyer, challenging the earlier deportation order issued by Berlin State's Home Affairs Department, or Innensenat, ordering her to leave the country. That deportation was promptly carried out. Odeh is out of Germany.

    We have extensively documented how the supposedly "peaceful protests" at the Gaza-Israel border fence are, in reality, Hamas and Islamic Jihad military terror operations using some civilians as cover, including women and children. The so-called ‘Great March of Return’ is turned on and off by Hamas as its needs require. See our prior posts for images and video:

    On February 23rd, 2019, a 15 year-old Palestinian, Yusef al-Daya, was shot in the chest at a weekly event called the March of Return. The event is held every Friday at the Gaza border. Al-Daya was rushed to a local hospital where he was resuscitated but a short time later, succumbed to his wound. Prominent media outlets such as Reuters stated; "Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian teen." The article makes no mention of important facts about al-Daya and what he was doing at the security fence.

    We have covered this sick picture before. The mothers of Palestinian terrorists who praise their children's killing of Jews, often wishing they had killed more:

    Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs released a report titled Terrorists in Suits: The Ties Between NGOs promoting BDS and Terrorist Organizations that shows operational and ideological ties between the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or BDS, and Palestinian terrorist organisations, including Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. According to the report, at least 30 active and "retired" terrorists were on the payrolls of BDS-linked NGOs. Some of these prominent terror figures cited in the report include Palestinian hijacker Leila Khaled, former Hamas "military" operative Muhammad Sawalha and convicted terrorist Shawan Jabarin.

    [WAJ Note: Joe Truzman has become for me a must-follow on Twitter and through his GroundBrief newsletter for events happening in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. I wanted to introduce him to readers, so I asked him to write a post about who he is and how he does what he does.] I am fascinated with the Middle East – particularly the security of the State of Israel in relation to its neighboring countries. There is always something happening of interest, whether it’s the militant groups in Gaza and West Bank, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iranian proxy militias in Syria or the Islamic State in northern Egypt. Israel is surrounded by enemies putting it in a unique situation where security-related events are constant. This is where I provide material and analysis that you don’t see covered by international news organizations and most news related sources.

    The ethnic cleansing of Christians in areas of the Middle East controlled by Islamists continues. The Gaza strip, under the control of Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad, has seen its Christian population dwindle under relentless discrimination. We wrote about the plight of Gaza Christians in August 2014, Gaza ethnic cleansing of Christians:

    In June, the Argentine soccer team, which includes superstar Lionel Messi, canceled a friendly against Israel in Jersualem after players received threats "that exceeded those of the Islamic State." Video even captured Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub threatening Messi. Due to these actions, FIFA has banned Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub for one year.