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    On September 2, President Donald Trump directed his administration to investigate New York City, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, DC, to see if they should pull federal money due to the violence and destruction. The Department of Justice announced this morning it has designated New York City, Portland, and Seattle "as jurisdictions permitting violence and destruction of property."

    Democrats believed, for some unfathomable reason, that months of rioting, looting, arson, vandalism, assault, and murder in Democrat-controlled states and cities would somehow be a winner for them in the 2020 election.  "Unexpectedly," the American people are appalled by the on-going rioting and violence, and as a result, support for Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, and Black Lives Matter are all slipping.

    Police in Portland began an investigation into Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, over the death of a conservative man on Saturday after a rally in support of President Donald Trump. The Oregonian published an article about Reinoehl but one would have to read deep to find the lede. Reinoehl never made an attempt to hide his far-left views, declaring proudly he is "100% ANTIFA."

    But I thought everyone would calm down when the federal agents left the federal courthouse in Portland! The latest riot in Portland proves it has everything to do with mayhem and nothing about black lives, systematic racism, or police brutality. Rioters attacked the Multnomah Building, which has offices for the local sheriff, but mostly "houses offices for county departments that provide social services that have no connection to the police."

    What with the conspiracy theories about how President Trump is allegedly using the USPS to steal the election reaching peak stupid on social media, in newsrooms, and in the murky fever swamps of MSNBC and CNN, one Oregon Democrat hatched a plan Tuesday to out-virtue signal all other Democrats about how he was willing to take drastic measures in order to protect the postal service.
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