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    Last week Durham, North Carolina’s Human Relations Commission (HRC) disappointed the vast majority of the city’s Jewish community by rejecting a draft proposal that had urged city officials to remove reference to Israel from their April 2018 ‘Statement by Durham City Council on International Police Exchanges’. At issue was the statement that passed unanimously on April 16t, 2018, by Durham’s City Council and which imposed a total ban on any and all law enforcement trainings with only one country in the world: Israel.

    When it comes to judges, the President has a lot in common with North Carolina. While the White House finds itself thwarted on an almost hourly basis by federal district judges, the Tar Heel State languishes under the iron heel of the Fourth Circuit, a federal appellate court based in Richmond, Virginia.  Once deeply conservative, the Fourth Circuit is now almost as liberal as the Ninth, and for a very simple reason: President Obama got to fill vacancies Senate Democrats kept from Bush in 2007 and 2008. (The vacancy jockeying began long before Trump.)  The transformed Fourth Circuit quickly got to work striking down North Carolina's laws on voter IDs, transgender bathroom accommodations, public prayer, and, of course, election districting, from races for lowly school boards to those for Congress.

    The Cook Political Report has moved three House GOP seats to Toss Up from Lean Republican after new polling came out. Another race slipped a little, moving to Lean Republican from Likely Republican. While it may not seem like a big deal, we know the Democrats want the House back and any momentum the Republicans lose, you know the Democrats will jump on the opportunity.

    On April 16h, Durham, North Carolina became the first American city to align a municipal public policy with the agenda of the virulently anti-Jewish and anti-peace extremist organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which falsely blames Israel and American Jewish organizations for U.S. domestic police militarization and instances of police violence against blacks and other minorities in America, Demonization: Durham NC City Council bans police exchanges with Israel. As we discussed, in a statement which passed unanimously, the City Council of Durham imposed a total ban on police exchanges with “only one country in the world: the Jewish nation of Israel.”

    Last week Durham, North Carolina became the first American city to align a municipal public policy with the agenda of the anti-Israel fringe organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which falsely blames Israel and American Jewish groups for instances of police violence against blacks in the U.S. and domestic police militarization. In a statement endorsed unanimously, the City Council prohibited international police exchanges "in which Durham police officers receive military-style training." The statement, after an intense lobbying campaign by anti-Israel activists and over the objection of police groups, mentioned only Israel by name in the opening paragraph of the document.

    It's difficult sometimes to remain positive in the seemingly pervasive post-Parkland gun-grabbing fever, but as pervasive as that fever feels, it's heartening to remember that we are not alone in the seemingly daily battle against leftist attacks on our Second Amendment. Mark Robinson attended a city council meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina when he learned that it was set up to discuss cancelling a gun show.  After listening to several speakers advocating anti-Second Amendment policy, he decided to speak up.  The result has gone viral, and with good reason.

    The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina has told the state officials must redraw the congressional lines by next week after officials asked for a delay. Judges James Wynn, William Osteen, and W. Earl Britt explained in their ruling that officials "have failed to meet their 'heavy burden' in seeking extraordinary relief' of staying this Court's order."

    Fred Warmbier, the father of Otto Warmbier, who North Korea freed the other day, and Kelly Martin, an official from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center spoke to the press today about Otto's condition. North Korea freed Otto Warmbier on Tuesday after spending 16 months in prison in the communist country. A court sentenced Otto Warmbier to 15 years of hard labor after he allegedly stole a propaganda sign. However, Otto Warmbier has returned to the states in a coma. Martin stated that he suffered from a "severe neurological injury" and remains in stable condition. Warmbier claimed the "pariah regime in North Korea" "terrorized sand brutalized" his son for 18 months.

    The Supreme court has ruled that Republicans in North Carolina used race and not politics when they drew congressional districts in 2011. A lower court ruled the same, which "forced legislators to create new maps last year." The News & Observer continued:
    The 5-3 ruling, written by Justice Elena Kagan, is among a series by the justices against the excessive use of race in redistricting that state lawmakers across the country take up every 10 years after the release of new Census data. Justice Clarence Thomas joined the majority, taking a stand with more liberal justices with whom he often disagrees.