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    The Cook Political Report has moved three House GOP seats to Toss Up from Lean Republican after new polling came out. Another race slipped a little, moving to Lean Republican from Likely Republican. While it may not seem like a big deal, we know the Democrats want the House back and any momentum the Republicans lose, you know the Democrats will jump on the opportunity.

    June 5 was the most important primary night for 2018 with a handful of states hitting the polls. Most eyes stayed on California since the state has a crazy jungle primary, which means the top two candidates will land on the ballot even if they're in the same party. It looks like the important House races in California remain undecided and we won't have an answer for days, which means the GOP could still shut out Democrats in those districts. The Democrats also had a huge blow on the governor's ballot as a Republican grabbed the second spot over a former Los Angeles mayor. What about other states? Here are a few key points I put together from a crazy night.

    One would think the Democratic legislature of New Jersey would be eager to pass a tax hike on millionaires now that the state has a Democratic governor. After all, they passed the hike five times during the tenure of Republican Chris Christie even though they knew he would veto it. Gov. Phil Murphy has proposed "$1.7 billion in new taxes and other revenue to pay for public schools, public-employee pensions and other priorities." His fellow Democrats have "balked" at this idea along with a rise in sales tax.

    New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) has proposed his first budget, and it's loaded with new taxes and tax policy that is intended to raise approximately $1.6 billion in new tax revenue. The tax increases are being met with mixed reactions from New Jersey Democrats; some favor the proposals, some don't think they will raise enough money for Murphy's progressive agenda, and some are opposed to a key new tax, the millionaire's tax.

    Legal Insurrection readers will recall the California legislature's attempt to create a special government fund as a "charity" for taxpayer donations to mitigate the loss of state and local tax (SALT) deductions in the recently passed GOP tax plans. The politicians must have realized the approach was full of fail, so now leaders of several blue states are planning a lawsuit to block the entire overhaul package. California may join in.