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    James Taranto's late, lamented Wall Street Journal column had a running tongue-in-cheek rubric, "We Blame George W. Bush," in which the former president was blamed for everything under the sun, despite his utter lack of connection to it. In that spirit, Taranto might have had a field day with a panel discussion on CNN this morning, in which the participants did their best to blame President Trump for an incident in Montana in which the Republican congressional candidate has been accused of manhandling a reporter. Co-host Alisyn Camerota got the ball rolling by asking whether there is "some sort of larger story or message we should take away here . . . growing aggression against the press."

    Having failed to score a win in the Kansas special election and with Jon Ossoff not winning outright in Georgia, Democrats are turning their attention to the May 25 special election in Montana. This special election is taking place to fill Montana's only House seat to replace former Representative and current Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.  Rob Quist, the Democrat, is competing for Zinke's seat against Republican Greg Gianforte. Quist is a banjo-strumming cowboy who, according to the Washington Times, "hides his socialist leanings under a cowboy hat."

    As we learned from Scott Brown's (R-MA) supermajority-breaking special election win in January of 2010, special elections can and sometimes do serve as harbingers for midterms.  There are three upcoming special elections to replace House members who have joined President Trump's cabinet, and each is turning out to be unexpectedly challenging for the GOP, who are expecting a low turnout in the wake of the Republicans gaining control of both Congress and the White House. Kansas, Georgia, and Montana will hold special elections this spring, and if the Democrats pick up one or more of these seats, their "resist we much" campaign will get a much-needed boost.
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