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    So what else is new.  Obama's campaign plans to destroy Mitt Romney, according to Politico, by playing class warfare and portraying Romney as phony and not genuine: Barack  Obama’s aides and advisers are preparing to center the president’s  re-election campaign on a ferocious personal assault on...

    Wait? He hasn't waited, you say, he's declared and raising more money than anyone else.  He's simply playing the role of presumptive nominee, which explains his seemingly low-key public strategy.  Let other lesser contenders gain TV face time for now, the primaries are a long way off. But as reported...

    I've been dreading this day, because even when I asked you to tell me about other candidates, you told me about Mitt Romney.While the MSM tells us that Sarah Palin is the most divisive Republican, I don't think that's true in the Republican primaries.Please hold...

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