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    Legal Insurrection is not a media "watchdog"-type blog. We understand that the New York Times operates on a bias, and that 90% of what is said on MSNBC is generally garbage that should be ignored. This, however, cannot be ignored. I think that by now we've all seen the liberal freakout that has dominated in the wake of the fantastically successful release of "American Sniper." We acknowledge the reality of the divide between conservatives and some progressives over the need for armed conflict, and its resulting debates. But what's been happening with regards to the narrative about this movie as it relates to Chris Kyle's legacy is beyond shameful. Check out what this guest on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" had to say about what troubles him regarding the spotlight that has recently been shone on "American Sniper" protagonist Kyle:

    FBI and Department of Justice investigators have finally concluded preliminary investigations and recommended that federal charges be brought against former CIA director David Petraeus. The investigation and charges stem from a 2012 scandal involving Petraeus and his biographer and lover Paula Broadwell. Petraeus was forced to resign from the CIA based on allegations that he had given Broadwell access to his CIA e-mail account, and other classified material. If it seems like this scandal has been dragging on forever, it's because it's been dragging on forever:

    President Obama has never enjoyed a very high approval rating from members of America's armed forces, but the end of 2014 finds him at a remarkable new low. Charlie Spiering of Breitbart reported:
    President Obama's Approval Ratings Crater With Active Duty Military Active duty members of the United States military are not happy with their commander-in-chief. According to a Military Times survey, President Obama’s popularity rating has cratered to just 15 percent in 2014. That is a new low for the President, falling from an already low approval rating of 35 percent in 2009. The poll of nearly 2,300 active duty members also shows that Obama’s disapproval ratings have increased to 55 percent. The particularly low rating comes as Obama has launched air strikes in response to Islamic State terrorists taking territory and resources in both Iraq and Syria, vowing to keep combat ground troops out of the conflict. He has also deployed members of the military to combat the Ebola threat in Africa.
    The Military Times survey cited by Spiering is very frank. Stephen Losey writes:
    Obama’s mark on the military Obama is an unpopular president in the eyes of the men and women in uniform. Yet his two-term administration is etching a deep imprint on the culture inside the armed forces. As commander in chief, he will leave behind a legacy that will shape the Pentagon's personnel policies and the social customs of rank-and-file troops for decades to come.
    Speaking of the Pentagon, can you guess who's sending more troops back to Iraq?
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