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    In my New Year's 2018 predictions, I wrote:

    1. Republicans will pick up 4 net seats in the Senate, and hold the House with a reduced majority of 10-15. 2. Robert Mueller will bring criminal charges for obstruction (lying to federal investigators) or crimes pre-dating or unrelated to the Trump campaign against more people, but will not assert any criminal conduct with regard to “Russia collusion” or by President Trump. 3. Get ready. This is the BIG ONE. If as predicted Republicans hold the Senate and House, there will be a clamoring for a Democrat candidate who can unify and motivate the Democrat base and establishment sufficiently to defeat Donald Trump in 2020: Michelle Obama.

    There has been a quite a bit of social media debate on Melania Trump's Christmas decor this year. America's glamorous First Lady focused on the magic of the season with her arrangements.
    “The White House at Christmas traditionally has been a magical place for children,” The White House Historical Association explains. Since the 1800s, the White House has been home to Christmas trees (except under conservationist Teddy Roosevelt), elaborate decorations, and many Christmas parties and festivities.

    Doug Schoen, a political consultant on Bill Clinton's 1996 and Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaigns, gained notice in conservative circles when he co-penned the 2010 WaPo op-ed, "One and Done:  To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012."  An outspoken and vehement critic of Obama, Schoen is now positing former First Lady Michelle Obama as the 2020 cure for all that ails Democrats. Schoen remains a Democrat and stalwartly #NeverObama, but he says that he recommends Michelle as the last best hope for Democrats in 2020 in his role as an "analyst."

    Obama once famously said: "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." The year was 2010 and he was addressing what he perceived as greed on Wall Street. Now that he's entering the lucrative post-presidency portion of his career, he's set to become an incredibly wealthy man. Both he and the former First Lady have reached a book deal worth tens of millions. Politico reports:
    Barack and Michelle Obama reach book deal Publisher Penguin Random House announced Tuesday it will publish books by former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.

    While President Trump has spent the week undoing many of Barack Obama's executive orders and policies, I have been wondering about Michelle Obama's signature program: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) Legal Insurrection readers may recall some of the questionable highlights related to HHFKA as it has been implemented over the past eight years.

    If it's up to the liberal media, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is just going to have to take a back seat: there's a budding new saint in town, and her name is Michelle Obama. Morning Joe began the canonization process today, beatifying the First Lady for her speech trashing Donald Trump over the stories about his personal behavior that have recently emerged. All the ongoing glorification of Mrs. Obama on the Morning Joe set was leavened with some unintentional humor from Joe Scarborough, who said of the First Lady's speech that "there was nothing calculated about it. This wasn't to help Hillary Clinton." Right. A speech delivered three weeks before the election. At a Hillary Clinton campaign event. At a podium festooned with a 'Clinton-Kaine' banner. But it was strictly "about daughters and mothers and women all across America." Hand another hanky over, will ya?
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