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    David Brock is the founder of Media Matters for America, who's goal was to destroy Fox News and Rush Limbaugh by any means necessary. Brock also is the person behind American Bridge, the entity formed to hire trackers to follow Republicans. One tracker caught David Perdue, the Republican candidate for Senate in George, at a rally, and posted a video purporting to show Perdue signing his name on a woman's hip. The video was spread far and wide including at mainstream media publications such as The Washington Post as Perdue signing the woman's body. But, as Buzzfeed reports, which originally reported it as "David Perdue Signs Woman" (based on the url), the video was misleading, CORRECTED: Dems Miss Insulin Pump In Video Of Perdue Signing Young Woman (large print in original):
    David Perdue, the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia, appeared to sign a young woman’s torso at a campaign rally on Thursday in a video distributed by a Democratic opposition research group — but further video showed that the footage was misleading. “No pictures on this,” Perdue joked before autographing something on the hip of a young woman, while campaign staffers tried to block the scene from being filmed. The footage was captured by a Democratic tracker with the firm American Bridge at a Perdue campaign rally in Jonesboro, Georgia.

    Correction: The American Bridge tracker footage did not capture the whole scene, according to the Perdue campaign.

    “David was asked to sign an individual’s diabetic pump to help raise awareness for juvenile diabetes,” said Megan Whittemore, a Perdue spokesperson. “This was a Georgia family who shared their personal story of their struggle with ObamaCare and the rising health care costs associated with their daughter’s treatment which is not being covered by their insurance.”

    Another angle on the video, not captured by Republicans or Perdue allies, appears to show the young woman is holding something on her body for Perdue to sign.

    The pump is featured in the enhanced image from the Perdue campaign, via the Buzzfeed post. It appears the original video has been taken down, but here's the other angle referred to by Buzzfeed:

    Angelo Carusone is the Media Matters executive behind the effort to get Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves, as we documented in 2012: The attack on Limbaugh was not Carusone's first targeting of a major conservative personality.  Carusone, prior to joining Media Matters, was behind the Stop Beck effort. Angelo Carusone Twitter Profile As reported at The Daily Caller today, Carusone may have some problems with a prior blog he maintained in which he engaged in questionable conduct, Media Matters Executive Wrote Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-’Tranny’ Blog Posts:

    We know Media Matters hates Rush Limbaugh. It's an obsession second only to the fixation on Fox News. Media Matters was behind the astroturfed Stop Rush campaign targeting advertisers, which ended in a complete failure. Nonetheless, the Limbaugh obsession continues at Media Matters. The latest iteration is an article published yesterday claiming that Rush Limbaugh's ratings are so bad, Limbaugh's taken to claiming ratings don't matter, After Getting Bad Ratings News, Limbaugh Tries To Prove "Ratings Don't Matter" Media Matters After Getting Bad Rating
    Rush Limbaugh used CBS' decision to hire comedian Stephen Colbert as the new host of The Late Show as evidence that ratings are irrelevant following reports that the talk radio firebrands' own ratings have collapsed. On the May 1 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh declared that CBS' decision to replace David Letterman with Colbert is proof that "ratings don't matter in a lot of television." Limbaugh latched onto recent comments by CBS president Les Moonves to repeatedly gloat that he was right when he claimed that "it's not about ratings anymore" but rather about coolness. In fact, during the entire first segment of his show, Limbaugh repeated the phrase "ratings don't matter" a total of nine times....
    Media Matters provided a 7 minute audio, and a partial transcript, to back up its claim. I happened to listen to that segment live when I was in the car yesterday, so I knew what Media Matters readers were not informed: The audio and transcript were edited to end just before Limbaugh made clear that the type of approach the networks can take for late night TV does not apply to him. Here's the part of the transcript Media Matters did not include:

    On the most recent airing of the CNN Sunday talk show, Reliable Sources, former CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkinson, revealed a rather stunning accusation about the far left online news organization, Media Matters.
    Media Matters, as my understanding, is a far left blog group that I think holds itself out to be sort of an independent watchdog group. And yes, they clearly targeted me at some point. They used to work with me on stories and tried to help me produce my stories… And I was certainly friendly with them as anybody, good information can come from any source. But when I persisted with Fast and Furious and some of the green energy stories I was doing, I clearly at some point became a target… [Emphasis Added]
    Of course, anyone who has read Media Matters would scoff at the idea that it is a politically “independent” media watchdog group. Given the obvious leanings of the organization, the revelation that Media Matters is actually assisting, in some manner, in producing content for one of the “Big 3” (ABC, NBC, CBS) network news programs carries significant implications. Most notably, these three networks are still viewed by many in the public as the place to get your least politically slanted news. For many Americans, the brief 30-minute or hour long nightly news program from these networks is the only news they get all day. In the immediate wake of Attikson's Sunday appearance, Media Matters elected only to respond to the assertion by Attkinson that she had been targeted by the organization:

    Stephen Jimenez is the author of "The Book of Matt," a book that calls into question the deeply ingrained narrative that the murder of Matthew Shepard was an anti-gay hate crime. The extensively researched book reveals that the Shepard anti-gay hate crime narrative may be all wrong. Jimenez, who is gay himself, has been praised by prominent gay rights activists, including Andrew Sullivan.  In response to the new information, Sullivan has even called the narrative "a politically convenient myth" deployed to "raise gobs of money and pass unnecessary laws." Stephen Jimenez: Meth And The Murder Of Matthew Shepard from The Dish on Vimeo. On Monday, The New York Post's Andrea Peyser lauded Jimenez for shedding light on "an uncomfortable truth":
     Jimenez unearthed a story that few people wanted to hear. And it calls into question everything you think you know about the life and death of one of the leading icons of our age.

    We have covered the War On Rush Limbaugh run by Media Matters and a bizarre group of dead-enders who spend their days tweeting advertisers and filling up pages on Facebook. I'm not going to repeat the long, sordid history of the StopRush and FlushRush movements.  But...

    I have covered the #StopRush and various affiliated boycott campaigns against Rush Limbaugh organized and run by Media Matters as extensively as anyone: Media Matters astroturfed the Limbaugh secondary boycott Independent Rush boycott group coordinated with Media Matters Evidence of Media Matters coordination disappears from “independent” anti-Rush group website #StopRush turns on...

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