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    The Hunter Biden email scandal is gaining steam despite the best efforts of Big TechMary covered the scandal as it emerged when the New York Post published the bombshell, and now Joe Biden has responded.  In typical Joe Biden fashion, he attacked the reporter asking the question and dismissed the underlying scandal as a "smear."

    Social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter, have hidden behind a specific provision, Section 230 of the Communications Act, maintaining that they are platforms, not publishers, justification they've used in broad and largely ideologically specific content and user censorship. Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai indicated those days may soon come to an end.

    The 2020 presidential debate process has been a train wreck. The first debate with Chris Wallace of FOX News was terrible, largely due to Wallace himself who, at times, argued with Trump more than Biden did. Then Steve Scully, the moderator of the second debate came under scrutiny for anti-Trump bias. The second debate has been cancelled as Scully's Twitter account is being investigated for a supposed hacking that's about as believable as the investigation of Joy Reid's old blog.

    The list of people completely broken by Trump just gained an addition -- Fox News's John Roberts. Despite the fact that Trump denounced white supremacy during the first presidential debate (and the media ran with the narrative that he refused to do so), John Roberts asked if Trump would denounce white supremacy during Thursday's White House press briefing. Watch:

    It's been obvious for months now that Joe Biden uses a teleprompter—and not just for speeches. He uses it during what are supposed to be unscripted interviews with reporters and when answering questions from high-profile Democrats and voters in the middle of virtual events like fundraisers and campaign-driven town halls.

    Democrats and their media cohorts have spent the last four years throwing everything they can dream up at President Trump, hoping against hope that this time it will stick.  That this time, finally, after Russia, impeachment, Ukraine, unfounded accusations of racism, outright lie after outright lie . . . this time the latest invented anti-Trump smear will stick, the needle will move, Trump will lose support.  This time.  For sure.

    I was WRONG. Very wrong. I have have been writing that we should be expecting a 3-4 day crisis news cycle, where anti-Trump bombshells would be rolled out by the media every 3-4 days, and as one died down, another would be rolled out. That was the pattern for the Russia collusion claims, and appeared to be the pattern since the conventions this summer.

    The media attacks on Trump have followed a pattern for years: A bombshell media report implicating Trump in wrongdoing, often dropped just before a weekend, which creates a media feeding frenzy for 2-4 days before it is completely disproven or seriously cast into doubt. As that crisis news cycle peters out, another bombshell is dropped, rinse and repeat.
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