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    Earlier today Jane Bishkin, the attorney for Eric Casebolt, gave a brief news conference to provide context around the former police officer’s decision to resign yesterday. Here’s the video in its entirety. In the process, Bishkin very cleverly won for Casebolt everything that could be salvaged, sacrificed nothing that had not already been lost, and cut off the oxygen from a potential Ferguson-style race riot in the otherwise quiet and racially integrated Texas community of McKinney.

    Not many details on this yet but it appears that McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt has resigned from the police department, as reported by ABC news and others sources.
    Casebolt's resignation was confirmed Tuesday by attorney Jane Bishkin, who told WFAA that the decision was made after a meeting with the department's internal affairs unit to review possible charges he could face.
    Officer Casebolt came to public attention, of course, through his efforts to lawfully control a violent mob that invaded the quiet Texas community of McKinney this past Friday.  While controlling a non-compliant suspect Casebolt was charged by two males, at which point he drew his service pistol.  His assaulters fled upon seeing the drawn weapon and no shots were fired. For a detailed analysis of those events, see "Video Analysis: McKinney Brawl Another Rush to Misjudgment?" The same ABC news source also reports that:
    Casebolt has not made any public statements since Friday's incident. His lawyer said he has been in hiding with his wife and family at an undisclosed location after they allegedly received death threats. (emphasis added)
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