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    Edward Ball is the author of a new book called 'Life of a Klansman: A Family History in White Supremacy' which explores ugly, racist aspects of his own family's past. You would think this is a book which would appeal to progressive college students. At Tulane, a talk by Ball has been canceled for now, because student critics were outraged by the very idea of this event.

    Decades before wild-haired Bernie Sanders, there was Louisiana Democratic Gov. Huey Long. He served as the state's 40th governor from 1928 to 1932. Long was a tyrant and dictator. A hypocrite who lectured others, but filled his pocketbook. He also ruined lives if you betrayed or didn't show loyalty to him. Even if death Long continues to haunt the family of the man who supposedly assassinated him.

    An acquittal in a murder case out of Louisiana provides a real-time illustration of the difference between the application of what I refer to as “hard” Stand-Your-Ground provisions versus “soft” Stand-Your-Ground provisions. (Details here are as reported by The Advocate and other news sources.) The facts of the case involve a bare-handed attack by a large aggressor against a smaller defender, one Jacob Westbrook, who was armed with a knife. Westbrook, who testified at trial that he had never been in a fight before, stabbed the aggressor once in the chest after, he says, the larger and stronger aggressor punched him in the head. It is noteworthy that the aggressor was a guest, perhaps little wanted, in Westbrook's home at the time of the conflict.
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