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    I wasn't very concerned about yesterday's Virginia gubernatorial election results, because I figured that Northam (D) would win and it probably had more to do with Gillespie (R) being a poor candidate than anything else, plus I consider Virginia a purple state becoming ever more blue. But the results in the state legislative races---and the fact that, as of this sitting, the Virginia House may be poised to be controlled by Democrats for the first time in many years---is particularly unsettling. The magnitude of that victory was unexpected and represents a big change; prior to this election the GOP held an approximately 2-1 majority there.

    There's long been speculation about what President Obama will be doing after January 20, 2017. Much of it has centered around ideas connected with the international scene, particularly the UN and the post of Secretary-General. But by custom, that position has never been filled by anyone who is a citizen of a Security Council nation, so it's a career trajectory that's highly unlikely for Obama. What's more, about a month ago Obama himself expressed some thoughts on the subject of his plans. To understand what he might have been referring to, it helps to take a look at the results of the Obama years, not on the international level but at the local level of the states. During Obama's presidency, the Republicans have pretty much taken over at the state level, as this chart illustrates:
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