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    While the mainstream media have largely shied away from reporting Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah's apparent link to this month's deadly Beirut blast, German newspaper Die Welt has published a detailed account citing Western intelligence agencies linking the Lebanese terrorist outfit to the carnage that killed more than 200 people and left thousands injured.

    The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, is using thugs to break up anti-government protests in the country's capital Beirut. Hundreds of Hezbollah followers armed with sticks assaulted protesters at an anti-corruption rally. They burned and dismantled tents set up by the demonstrators in the city center, news reports said.

    In early December 2018, Israel launched "Operation Northern Shield," the effort to locate and destroy Hezbollah cross-border tunnels along the Lebanese border in northern Israel. There were many dramatic videos of the operation, including that moment when Hezbollah operatives on the Lebanese side came face-to-face with an Israeli surveillance camera inserted into one of the tunnels:

    Israel's Operation Northern Shield continues to uncover Hezbollah attack tunnels dug from Lebanese civilian areas under the border into northern Israel. The purpose of the tunnels was to surprise Israel in the next war by infiltrating special Hezbollah commando units who have been tasked with capturing an Israeli town or border community. While such a capture would be temporary, it would be a large propaganda victory.

    Hezbollah has constructed numerous attack tunnels from civilian villages in southern Lebanon across the border into Israel. The purpose of the tunnels was to provide a way to surprise Israel in the next war by quickly infiltrating large numbers of terrorists to capture Israeli towns near the border. This would serve both as a diversion and also a huge propaganda win, even if the towns were retaken quickly.

    The Israel Defense Forces has uncovered at 4th attack tunnel built by Hezbollah across the Lebanese border into Israel. Israel is using the discovery and demolition of the tunnels to put political and diplomatic pressure on Hezbollah and Iran. International diplomats and political visitors are taken to the area where Israel is digging.

    Israel continues Operation Northern Shield, to uncover and destroy attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah from Lebanaon across the border into northern Israel. The purpose of the tunnels was to allow Hezbollah to infiltrate into Israel in case of war, and to seize Israeli territory for a big propaganda win. We covered the tunnel exposure efforts in the following posts:

    Hezbollah had an extensive program to built attack tunnels capable of transferring large numbers of terrorists into northern Israel in a short amount of time. The project, if ever used in war, would have allowed Hezbollah to score a short-term military, and long-term propaganda, victory by seizing towns and territory within Israel. Hezbollah many times has threatened to take the ground war into Israel, and tunnels were to play a key role as they do for Hamas in Gaza.
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