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    I appeared last night on the Laura Ingraham show to talk about my post, There’s an effort to get me fired at Cornell for criticizing the Black Lives Matter Movement. Much of the conversation turned on a Statement issued late yesterday afternoon by Cornell Law School Dean Eduardo M. Peñalver defending my academic freedom and stating that no disciplinary action would be taken, but otherwise condemning me.

    The leftist attempt to take down Fox News by methodically targeting each show's host and the show's advertisers seems to have hit a wrinkle as Laura Ingraham's show is still boasting high ratings.  In addition to her high ratings, she has also had one advertiser return to her show. Ace Hardware, my new favorite hardware retailer, has returned to Ingraham's show.  They say that they made the decision to pull their ads because they didn't have the whole story.

    It appears that Fox News will not give in to the David Hogg, Media Matters and #TheResistance driven faux outrage over Laura Ingraham's mild rebuke of Hogg as someone who "whines." That faux outrage has been used to intimidate advertisers into fleeing Ingraham's highly-rated program. Fox News co-President Jack Abernathy just released this statement (via L.A. Times):

    There is an all out assault in progress trying to drive Laura Ingraham off television and radio, led by Parkland student and newly-minted media star David Hogg. Ingraham is a target, superficially, because she mocked Hogg as a whiner in a tweet after he publicly griped that several colleges had rejected him. On the scale of internet insults, saying that someone is "whining" doesn't even register it's so mild.

    Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has spent the last month and a half criticizing 2nd Amendment supporters in the most grotesque terms. His latest tirade accused those who disagree with him as "sick f**kers":
    "I’m beyond exhausted," Hogg said. "I get to a certain point where I just get so tired that I keep going. It creates a positive feedback loop in some ways — the more stress and work I put on me, the more stress and work I can deal with."

    I don't go to conferences very often. It's a blog conference phobia:
    As longtime readers know, I don’t do blog conferences. There are a variety of reasons for that, but mostly it’s me, not them.
    Since I wrote that in June 2012, I have attended a couple of conferences, mostly because I was invited. I'll also go if I'm a featured speaker. I don't generally go to stuff just to listen. I'd probably go to more stuff if I'd get more invitations.

    Welcome to our live coverage of the third night of this year's Republican National Convention! Primetime speeches kick off at 7:30 EST. Watch speakers live and see real time commentary from political media and LI authors. I'll be updating throughout the evening as the situation warrants. Full speeches can be found beneath the Twitter feeds as they're available.

    The lineup:

    National Review has a special issue Against Donald Trump, with columns by 22 people, most of whom are familiar conservative writers and media personalities. I skimmed a few of the columns and they make the case persuasively that Trump is not a conservative. You know the arguments already. He's for activist big government, a populist with no conservative ideological compass, and is not what he purports to be even on his core issue of immigration (where he may be to the left of Marco Rubio in reality). National Review Conservatives Against Trump Cover

    If you watched the CNBC Republican primary debate last night and the political analysis that followed on FOX News or any other center right outlet, you know what a disaster the event was. The moderators were so far left and openly combative that it was like watching a Republican debate moderated by the Democratic Party. CNBC's moderators succeeded in making CNN's Candy Crowley look fair and balanced. Everyone who's familiar with John Harwood and CNBC had some idea it was going to go this way. Everyone except Republican Party chairman, Reince Priebus. Following the debate, Priebus reacted harshly. Ben Kamisar of The Hill:
    RNC chief: 'CNBC should be ashamed' Republicans are lashing out at CNBC over Wednesday's night's GOP debate, with the party's campaign chairman saying the network "should be ashamed" of how it was handled.

    Thursday, Hugh Hewitt interviewed Donald Trump. Among other things, Hewitt asked Trump a handful of foreign policy questions. "Are you familiar with General Soleimani?" asked Hewitt. "Yessss. Go ahead, give me a little. Go ahead, tell me," responded Trump. Hewitt explained that Soleimani runs the Quds forces, which Trump confused with the Kurds, though Trump eventually remembered who Soleimani was. Hewitt was then complementary and reminisced of the time Trump "schooled the Senate" on real-estate, and then went on to explain that he's looking for a Commander in Chief that knows who the players in the vast battlefield of Islamic terrorism. "Do you know who the players are without a score card, Donald Trump?" Hewitt asked. "I think by the time we get to office they'll all be changed, they'll be all gone, I knew you were gonna asks me things like this and there's no reason because number one, I will hopefully find General Douglas McArthur in the PAC, I will find whoever it is that I'll find, but they're all changing, those are like history questions, do you know this one, do you know that one." "I don't believe in gotcha questions, I'm not trying to quiz you," retorted Hewitt. "Well that is a gotcha question," Trump accused. And then a media controversy was birthed.

    Everyone still with us? That first debate wasn't just a debate--it was a firehose of information, talking points, and (most importantly) soundbites. The night is young, though, and we're ready to see how the top ten candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination measure up. Here's who you should expect to see on the stage at 8:50 p.m. ET:
    • Donald Trump
    • Jeb Bush
    • Scott Walker
    • Mike Huckabee
    • Ben Carson
    • Ted Cruz
    • Marco Rubio
    • Rand Paul
    • John Kasich
    • Chris Christie
    To watch the debate online, click here. (You'll need a cable authentication to stream live from Fox.) You can follow the discussion on Twitter here: Round 2 begins in 3...2...

    Florida will be (as it has been) a pivotal state in the 2016 general election. Its 29 electoral votes will loom large in the race to reach 270---but how much will it matter in the GOP primary? With Florida favorites Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio expected to compete for most of the votes, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (who has yet to officially declare his candidacy) has left the door open to skipping the Florida primary:
    Speaking to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Walker said if he does jump in the 2016 race, "I don't think there's a state out there we wouldn't play in." "Other than, maybe, Florida, where Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are ... in some of the polls, essentially tied," he said, naming the former governor and current senator who are headed down a collision course in their home state's primary this cycle.
    You can listen to the audio here:

    The Hillary Chipotle story is either one of the most amazing unintended earned-media campaign stories ever, or a contrived set up. Regardless, put points in Team Hillary column. Maggie Haberman at The NY Times broke the story about Hillary's supposedly secret trip to Chipotle on her Scooby trip to Iowa. The story goes like this:
    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is all about “everyday Americans,” she made clear in announcing it on Sunday. On Monday, she showed how unassuming she herself could be. Driving to Iowa for her first campaign swing, Mrs. Clinton’s van — with two aides and Secret Service agents aboard — pulled into a Chipotle restaurant for lunch in Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo. And no one recognized her. Maybe it was the dark sunglasses. Or maybe she had a certain je ne sais — qui? But nobody took notice of the celebrity in front of the counter. Fellow patrons paid her no more attention than a driver would get from a toll taker. Nor did the restaurant’s staff notice Mrs. Clinton, until this reporter, tipped off that she had dined there, telephoned. The Chipotle manager, Charles Wright, insisted at first that the tip must have been false. But he offered to review his security-camera recordings, and quickly reversed himself. There was Mrs. Clinton, in a bright pink shirt, ordering a chicken burrito bowl — and carrying her own tray. “The thing is, she has these dark sunglasses on,” Mr. Wright said. “She just was another lady.”
    Haberman explained in a different column:

    The Republican "War on Women" isn't over and if liberals have their way, it never will be. Newly announced presidential candidate Rand Paul appeared on the Today Show yesterday morning and had the nerve to push back when Savannah Guthrie put words in his mouth. Nick Gass of Politico:
    Rand Paul clashes with Savannah Guthrie over changing views Sen. Rand Paul clashed with “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie over her line of questioning during an interview Wednesday morning, criticizing her for editorializing over perceived changes in his political views since his election to the Senate. “You have had views on foreign policy in the past that were somewhat unorthodox, but you seem to have changed over the years,” Guthrie told the Kentucky Republican, who was appearing via satellite from Nashua, New Hampshire. “You once said Iran was not a threat, now you say it is. You once proposed ending foreign aid to Israel, now you support it, at least for the time being, and you once offered to drastically cut … defense spending.” Paul attempted to speak as Guthrie continued.
    MSNBC's Ed Schultz, who once referred to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham as a "right wing slut" is just beside himself over all this misogyny:

    You can watch the announcement here at Legal Insurrection, or on the White House website. We're a little less than 30 minutes away from Obama's big announcement on his plan to overhaul immigration, and Twitter is already buzzing: UPDATE: Here we go

    Americans' fears about the spread of Ebola are growing, and the constant debunking of the Obama Administrations' claims regarding the severity of the situation haven't done much to gain the confidence of the public. Dan Nather of Politico doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on the reality of the current situation:
    GOP 2016ers on Ebola: Panic For once, President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are on the same page. At separate briefings on the Ebola crisis, Obama administration officials and Perry have delivered the same message: Don’t panic — the health authorities know what they’re doing. But for other Republicans — and conservative media outlets — it’s time for panic. The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidates — except for Perry — are practically lining up to warn that the Obama administration isn’t doing enough to keep Ebola out of the United States, now that Dallas is dealing with the nation’s first confirmed case.