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    Last week the Supreme Court heard oral argument in President Trump's bid to quash subpoenas served upon his accountants by House committees and the Manhattan D.A. Convention wisdom says that he will lose. Lucky for him, he is faced with so much litigation that there is a case he is very likely to win, and that case is poised to reach SCOTUS before the 2020 election.

    Severe TDS-sufferer Jennifer Rubin tried to argue that President Donald Trump's inaction on the Wuhan coronavirus led to the death of thousands of Americans and basically destroyed the country. Thankfully, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) came in with a cool head and tweeted out the much-needed facts when it comes to Trump's response to the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Jennifer Rubin is the Washington Post's "right" columnist, though many people would dispute that designation. Rubin has made no secret of her Trump hatred, which came through today on MSNBC. Rubin branded several of Trump's cabinet and high level nominees "ignoramuses."
    "I wish I could say that Ben Carson is the only person who doesn't have experience in his area. You mentioned Tillerson. We also have Terry Branstad, who is the ambassador to China. He's been the Governor of Iowa! And I like her, I think she's smart, Nikki Haley, terrific person, but she's going to the UN. But does she have any foreign-policy experience? So I think what we have are ignoramuses, billionaires, and a few generals."

    It's really no surprise. As Mitt Romney has faltered from inevitability to modest favorite, a chorus of pro-Romney voices in the media and Republican Party is insisting that if Newt is the nominee, we not only lose the presidency we also lose the House and...

    Q.  Who was the last person to actually cut government? As pointed out at C4P: Rush is correct. Newt was indeed the last person to substantially cut Government and execute reform. However; what folks seem to confuse that with is the idea that Newt actually “cut” budgets. That...

    I've posted about "unknown unknowns" before, as it is a structure I use in class to discuss how to build a case.  At a press conference about Iraq Donald Rumsfeld famously said: “[T]here are known knowns; there are things we know we know.  We also know there...

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