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    The probe into Tuesday's triple bomb blasts in the city of Dortmund has led the German police to the refugee circles. Investigators detained a known Islamist holding a German passport and an asylum seeker from Iraq on suspicions of carrying out coordinated bomb attacks on the Borussia Dortmund soccer team bus, injuring one player. Three explosive devices went off near the soccer team's bus as it left the hotel for to the Champions League quarterfinals against AS Monaco. German authorities are treating the incident as a terrorist attack. German Police recovered a note near the site of explosions that began with "the name of Allah, the merciful," German newspapers Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. The note further calls for Germany to close the Ramstein airbase that serves as the headquarters for the U.S. Air Force in Europe:

    The U.K. police announced it made two "significant arrests" on Friday in connection with the terrorist attack that killed four people and injured 40 more. Top counterterror office Mark Rowley explained, but did not provide many details:
    The latest arrests were a man and a woman detained early Friday in Manchester, northwest England. Police believe Masood acted alone but Rowley said police were trying to determine whether others "encouraged, supported or directed him."

    Yesterday, a man in an SUV mowed people down on Westminster Bridge before he drove into the perimeter fence at Parliament. The man exited the car and stabbed a police officer before other officers shot him down. Overall, four people died, including the assailant and American Kurt Cochran. Today, the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility while British officials arrested seven or eight in six raids across London and Birmingham. The authorities have identified the attacker as Khalid Masood, 52-years-old.

    As the Islamic state (ISIS) retreats from Mosul, Iraq, more locals have spoken out about life under the terrorist group. ISIS captured Iraq's second largest city in the summer of 2014. OB-GYN Dr. Fatima Khaleel spoke with The Sunday Times about the females she treated in Mosul, noting most of them desperately wanted to get pregnant by ISIS fighters to breed caliphate cubs.

    The number of Islamists leaving Germany to join the ranks of Islamic State fighters is on the rise, German news magazine DER SPIEGEL reports. More than 910 German residents have left the country to fight under the banner of ISIS including nearly 200 female fighters, DER SPIEGEL wrote citing Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, or BfV. What makes these revelations most disturbing is the fact that 300 ISIS members -- many of whom have active combat experience -- are already back in Germany. Most of these battle-hardened terrorists are now back in their communities and in many cases not even under full surveillance.

    With less than 3 weeks before Dutch Election, Frontrunner Geert Wilders has suspended his campaign after a major security breach. A Moroccan-origin Dutch police officer working on Wilders security detail was arrested for passing on his movements to Moroccan criminal gangs. Wilders, campaigning on the promises of de-Islamising the Netherlands and taking the country out of the European Union, is leading in polls ahead of the election. Wilders' Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) is expected to come out as the single largest party in March election and set to play a key role in the formation of the next government. Following Wilders-led PVV’s strong showing in the polls many commentators have started taking the 53 year-old Dutch politician as a serious contender for the post of Prime Minister.

    Secretary of Defense James Mattis held talks with Iraqi leaders on Monday where he promised them that America has not interfered with the country to take its oil. From The Wall Street Journal:
    “I think all of us here in this room, all of us in America, have paid for our gas and oil all along and I’m sure that we will continue to do so in the future,” he told reporters in Abu Dhabi before arriving in Iraq on Monday. “We are not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil.”

    An employee of Migrant Reception Agency in the German state of Lower Saxony lost her job after she raised alarm upon uncovering around 300 cases in which her agency had been making fraudulent cash payments to 'refugees' for over a period of several months, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports. Migrant Reception Agency tried to hush up the crimes by burying the evidence and firing the whistleblower. With only eight months to go for the country's parliamentary election, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government are keen to avoid negative media coverage connected to their overly generous 'Refugee Policy'.

    Nearly a month after the Berlin Christmas market attack that killed 12 people and injuring 48 others, local authorities are moving in to close a Berlin mosque linked to the assailant. Tunisian asylum-seeker Anis Amri, who drove a lorry loaded with 20 tonnes of steel beams into a busy Christmas market, had frequented the inner-city mosque. According to German intelligence agency, the "Fussilat Mosque" is known to be a popular hangout for ISIS sympathisers. As far as last month's terrorist attack goes, Merkel government and local authorities have a lot to answer for. More than 40 German agencies "worked" on Amri's case before he carried out the massacre in Berlin. Security agencies failed to stop the Tunisian-born terrorist despite having him on their radar for years. The known ISIS-sympathiser received welfare payments and was allowed to stay in the country despite a deportation order. And despite a EU-wide manhunt, Amri evaded authorities -- travelling through 5 countries in 5 days -- before he was killed by the Italian police in a shootout.

    "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the Islamic faithful our soldiers," Turkey's President Recep Erdogan proclaimed these prophetic words during his 'wilderness years' in 1990s. Now firmly in power for well over ten years, Erdogan is executing this game-plan down to the last word. If German Federal Prosecutor is to be believed, mosques across Germany are running spy operations under the directions of Erdogan regime. On Wednesday, Germany’s top state attorney opened an investigation into the activities of Turkish-Islamic organisation known as 'Ditib,' that operates nearly 900 mosques in Germany. Imams in this particular case were reportedly following the orders from Turkey’s state-run religious agency, known as Diyanet, which reports directly to Turkey’s Prime Minister.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to offer asylum to 1.1 million migrants will cost German taxpayers up to €1.5 trillion [$1.6 trillion], German newspaper Die Welt reports. The projection -- based on the research by Berlin-based think-tank Stiftung Marktwirtschaft -- only take into account the refugee intake of 2015. This moderate figure does not factor in the additional burden to the exchequer due to family reunions, as many of these young migrant men will also bring in large families from their native countries. Merkel’s 'Refugee Welcome' policy will be leaving a huge burden on Germany’s aging and shirking working population. If the trend persists; Germany will apparently go broke before it gets islamised.

    Authorities in Milan have killed the Tunisian man who drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday. The Wall Street Journal reported:
    Italian police in the gritty Sesto San Giovanni neighborhood stopped Anis Amri just after 3 a.m. outside a train station for a routine check. When the officers asked the 24-year-old Tunisian for his identification, the man—who, according to Italian officials spoke fluent Italian—became agitated, pulled out a 22-caliber gun and began to shoot, shouting “Bastard police!”

    YouTube banned Prager University's latest video entitled, "Born to Hate Jews." The video feature Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim who tells the story of how he overcame anti-Semitic indoctrination. Hafeez is now a pro-Israel activist. Hafeez almost enlisted in a terrorist training camp before realizing the error of his ways. He explained how hatred drives many young Muslims into terrorism. Naturally YouTube labelled the video "hate speech". The version beneath is embedded from Facebook:

    Summit Crosses have adorned hill tops and mountain peaks in the Alps since the dawn of Christianity in the West. Roman legionaries are said of have brought Christianity to the Alpine region as early as second century of Christian era. In recent months, these religious and historic symbols are targets of vandalism in this mountainous region that runs between Germany and Austria. Since August, five such crosses have been severely vandalised or destroyed, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports. Islamist have recently carried out several acts of vandalism against Christian statues and symbols across Germany. In 2014, police in Cologne apprehended a gang of Islamists responsible for desecrating number of churches, stealing Christian artefacts and sending the proceeds to Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

    France, home to one of the Europe’s largest Muslim population, is facing an uphill battle against Islamic terrorism. According to France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls, security forces have been foiling terror plots “every day” and warned of more terrorist attacks in the near future. French officials estimates that around 15,000 radical Islamists reside in the country -- and going by the current EU-wide trends -- these numbers were only expected to go up. “We have nearly 700 French jihadists and residents, who are currently fighting in Iraq and Syria,” Valls told French media, adding that this number included “275 women and dozens of children.”
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