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    It's no secret that the Black Lives Matter movement and its co-founder (and self-identified "Marxist") Patrisse Cullors has long accused American capitalism of being fundamentally, systemically racist and "wiping out entire communities"; these assertions are core tenets of multiple official Black Lives Matter organizations. But that hasn't stopped Cullors from signing a big contract with a major purveyor of BLM-reviled corporate consumerism: Warner Bros Television.

    ViacomCBS dropped Nick Cannon after he tried to spread anti-Semitic conspiracies on his podcast. The company said it "troubled" them because he "failed to acknowledge or apologize" for his actions. However, Cannon told Fast Company that he "can’t wait to sit down with" rabbis who contacted him about his remarks. He wants them to educate him and have an open dialogue about the topic. Cancelling him ends the chance to educate not just Cannon, but his large audience.