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    In September, we covered the story of a George Washington University professor who claimed to be black and resigned after it was revealed she was white. We then covered a nearly identical story about a doctoral student at UW-Madison. Now we bring you the story of Kelly Kean Sharp, who recently resigned from Furman University after it was revealed that she is white, but has been identifying as Chicana. Why does this keep happening?

    Before the news cycle (finally) turned to stories about the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden and the FBI's apparent shocking malfeasance in entrapping General Mike Flynn, the Washington Post published a story claiming that President Trump ignored Wuhan coronavirus warnings issued throughout January and February in his daily presidential briefing book. The story was picked up and regurgitated by an anti-Trump activist media intent on undermining Trump by any means necessary, including by burying, as WaPo did, clear refutation of their unsubstantiated claim.

    *Please scroll to the bottom for an update to this story* Earlier this month, the Trump campaign released a hard-hitting ad criticizing Joe and Hunter Biden's China ties. It's an ad that set the stage for the US-China relationship as *the* major campaign issue in the months to come, thanks in large part to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

    There they go again.  The media has completely abrogated any semblance of journalistic integrity since President Trump was elected. Further evidence occurred this week after Trump engaged in some characteristic thinking out loud during a coronavirus briefing; the media rushed to spread as widely as possible their—wildly inaccurate—interpretation of his comments.

    The media seems intent on proving over and over again that they cannot be trusted.  Having botched their sky-is-falling Russia, Ukraine, and the infamous "two scoops" scandal, they are now all-in proclaiming—completely incorrectly—that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. He did not.  In fact, their response to what Trump actually said demonstrates perfectly the point he was making.
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