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    With the Senate majority hanging in the balance, the two Georgia Senate runoffs in January of great interest to both the left and the right.  As Mike wrote last week, Reverend Raphael Warnock, the Democrat candidate running against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, spent years defending Obama's anti-Semitic, anti-American pastor Jeremiah 'God d**m America' Wright.

    I am still digesting the "news" that deep red Georgia suddenly turned blue for Joe Biden, after rejecting Obama who had genuine momentum and enthusiasm in '08—not to mention the historic nature of being the first black president—and after voting for smarmy Mittens McRomneyCare over Obama in 2012.  President Trump, of course, won the state in 2016.

    Jayvon Hatchett the suspect arrested for allegedly perpetrating the AutoZone stabbing which occurred August 25, was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon. In court testimony, police said Hatchett explained he “felt the need to find a white male to kill.” Now, police are investigating the death of Hatchett's cellmate, Eddie Nelson, who was allegedly beaten to death by Hatchett.