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    [WAJ Note: Joe Truzman has become for me a must-follow on Twitter and through his GroundBrief newsletter for events happening in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon. I wanted to introduce him to readers, so I asked him to write a post about who he is and how he does what he does.] I am fascinated with the Middle East – particularly the security of the State of Israel in relation to its neighboring countries. There is always something happening of interest, whether it’s the militant groups in Gaza and West Bank, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iranian proxy militias in Syria or the Islamic State in northern Egypt. Israel is surrounded by enemies putting it in a unique situation where security-related events are constant. This is where I provide material and analysis that you don’t see covered by international news organizations and most news related sources.

    Rouzan al-Najjar was a female Palestinian medic who died of a bullet wound during violent protests near the Gaza-Israel border. As we have documented dozens of times, those protests are organized and manipulated by Hamas and other terror groups, who plant their military members in the crowds under cover of burning tires. Dozens of Hamas and other terror members have been killed in the attempts to breach the border with the intent to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians.

    The ethnic cleansing of Christians in areas of the Middle East controlled by Islamists continues. The Gaza strip, under the control of Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad, has seen its Christian population dwindle under relentless discrimination. We wrote about the plight of Gaza Christians in August 2014, Gaza ethnic cleansing of Christians:

    When news first broke that Nur Barake, a senior Hamas operative responsible for attack tunnel construction, was killed in an Israeli commando operation in Gaza, it was assumed that the operative was the target. In the ensuing firefight, six more Hamas operatives were killed, as well as an Israeli special forces soldier. That soldier, along with a wounded comrade and others in the raid, were extracted from Gaza in a rescue mission under heavy Israeli air cover.

    We have covered several instances where Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist commanders and bomb experts have blown themselves up or otherwise killed themselves in what euphemistically are called "work accidents." Sometimes it clearly was an accident, sometimes there is suspicion that Israel was behind it:
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