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    If you only listened to Democrat politicians and read the mainstream media and Twitter, you'd think that the nation was soundly against Trump's handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. It is a vicious little bubble of malignant personalities and broken souls whose sole job is to damage Trump at all costs, even if it harms the nation and working people. We've covered these disgusting extortionists and liars many times in the past weeks:

    The Democrat Party is trying to come to grips with the antisemitic agitation by Minnesota Rep. Ihlan Omar, backed by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that Americans who support Israel do so for money and have pledged allegiance to Israel. These dual-loyalty and disloyalty accusations are echoed by left-wing and Islamist Democrat activists.

    A new poll by Gallup illustrates how public opinion on issues like Obamacare and immigration have changed since the midterm elections. One in 5 American surveyed now say that the federal government is the biggest problem with the country and were more likely to cite the government as problematic than any other issue. Even more interesting, guns sunk to the bottom of the list.

    Gallup and the Knight Foundation released a survey of college students on the issue of free speech. The full report (pdf.) is here. I discuss the highlights below. Liberal writers at Vox and elsewhere are furiously trying to preempt the fallout from the survey arguing that a majority of students say they support free speech. The results of the survey, however, show that generic support for free speech is not reflected in student willingness to let free speech happen.

    Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting the U.S. this week, and will meet President Trump. An important question is what is the status of the American popular opinion towards Israel. There is a misconception that American political support for Israel is a result of the "Israel Lobby" and "Israel Firsters." Those are terms frequently thrown around by regressive leftists and anti-Israel activists, a not too subtle play on the traditional antisemitic claim that Jews are disloyal to their home countries. Polling consistently shows, however, that Americans overwhelmingly support Israel, and that support has increased over the past decade, as we reported last year, Gallup: Americans still overwhelmingly support Israel. The "Israel Lobby" actually is the American people, and political support reflects popular opinion.
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