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    Media Matters has a mission. It exists for the purpose of removing conservative voices from the airwaves. They're the same people who targeted Rush Limbaugh in 2012, and have been targeting Fox News for over a decade, as Professor Jacobson wrote in 2011, Media Matters Plans “Guerrilla Warfare and Sabotage” on Fox News And Conservative Websites.

    Mitch McConnell dropped a political nuclear bomb on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. In discussing Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominees, McConnell discussed how he did not allow Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to go forward. He contrasted the Republican position with Democrats' attacks on Brett Kavanaugh by pointing out that Republicans didn't try to destroy Garland, they simply followed Senate tradition of not voting on a nominee in a presidential election year.

    CNN has raced for the bottom by aligning itself with #TheResistance, and as a result of its Trump derangement, the cable news network has been plagued with numerous #FakeNews scandals this year.  Last year, CNN earned the dubious distinction of being the only media outlet to be named a whopping four times in the 2017 Fake News Awards list of top ten purveyors of fake news. It's little surprise, then, that CNN's ratings are tanking.  And I mean really really tanking.  The vaunted “Chris Cuomo Primetime” has fewer viewers not only than Fox News but than HGTV.  This makes sense; after all, watching paint dry is far preferable to watching Cuomo's antics.

    The leftist attempt to take down Fox News by methodically targeting each show's host and the show's advertisers seems to have hit a wrinkle as Laura Ingraham's show is still boasting high ratings.  In addition to her high ratings, she has also had one advertiser return to her show. Ace Hardware, my new favorite hardware retailer, has returned to Ingraham's show.  They say that they made the decision to pull their ads because they didn't have the whole story.

    It appears that Fox News will not give in to the David Hogg, Media Matters and #TheResistance driven faux outrage over Laura Ingraham's mild rebuke of Hogg as someone who "whines." That faux outrage has been used to intimidate advertisers into fleeing Ingraham's highly-rated program. Fox News co-President Jack Abernathy just released this statement (via L.A. Times):

    There is an all out assault in progress trying to drive Laura Ingraham off television and radio, led by Parkland student and newly-minted media star David Hogg. Ingraham is a target, superficially, because she mocked Hogg as a whiner in a tweet after he publicly griped that several colleges had rejected him. On the scale of internet insults, saying that someone is "whining" doesn't even register it's so mild.

    KISS frontman Gene Simmons has been a regular at Fox News for the past years, but after his antics this week, that will change. The Daily Beast reported that the network confirmed it has banned Simmons from the premises for life:
    Fox finally had enough of Simmons after he crudely insulted female Fox staffers, taunted them and exposed his chest, and otherwise behaved like the “demon” character he plays onstage. Management was not amused, and Simmons’s photograph was promptly posted Wednesday at the security entrance of the company’s Manhattan headquarters along with a “do-not-admit” advisory.
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