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    The list of people completely broken by Trump just gained an addition -- Fox News's John Roberts. Despite the fact that Trump denounced white supremacy during the first presidential debate (and the media ran with the narrative that he refused to do so), John Roberts asked if Trump would denounce white supremacy during Thursday's White House press briefing. Watch:

    Brooklyn bar owner Joe Joyce passed away on April 9 of the Wuhan coronavirus. Ginia Bellafonte at The New York Times tried so hard to blame Fox News (specifically Sean Hannity) for Joyce's death because he went on a cruise on March 1. Supposedly Joyce decided to go ahead with his plans because Hannity downplayed the virus. The hatred for Fox News blinded Bellafonte because she made two basic mistakes, which caused her editors to fix her piece. Oh, they did not add an "editor's note" at the bottom. The two problems: Joyce went on his cruise on March 1, but Bellafonte quoted remarks from Hannity on March 8. Bellafonte forgot she didn't take the virus seriously around the same time.