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    Citing concerns about student mental health, a high school in Ohio decided to do away with valedictorian and salutatorians. "The class of 2020 at Mason High School will not have a valedictorian or salutatorian and will move to the Latin Honors System in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety among students, school officials announced this week," reports WJLA.

    We all complain about how leftism has penetrated and taken over just about every conceivable institution, from the media to academia to the federal bureaucracy and political structure. It seems unstoppable. As leftists like to say, it's the arc of history. The writer who uses the pseudonym Zombie at Zombieblog disagrees, and the Trump election is the proof, Trump’s Victory Is a Pivotal Turning Point in Human History.
    It's lengthy, and definitely read the whole thing. Here's an excerpt (bold in original):

    On the educational choice battle field is a fight over whether school voucher programs, charter schools, or generically speaking -- school choice, increases instances of racial segregation. Choice advocates maintain allowing families to select an educational setting that best suits their child regardless of zip code restrictions effectively decreases racial segregation. "Your zip code shouldn't determine your destiny," is their rallying cry. No longer subjected to their respective economic zones, choice programs naturally increase educational equity for enrolled students. The free-market approach to education requires schools compete at risk of diminishing enrollment and subsequently, funding.

    Today, President Obama unveiled a new plan to make two years of Community College free "to responsible students across America"---and it's just as flawed as that knee-jerk gut reaction you just had told you it is.
    So, the first two years of community college would be free "for anybody who's willing to work for it." He says it will help train a stronger workforce---but at what cost? Under the proposed program, the federal government would cover three-quarters of the average cost of community college. The states would then have to cover the remaining tuition, meaning the bill would be paid in full for "eligible students." For the program to fit with Obama's vision, community colleges would have to change their programs to fit educational standards that haven't even been written yet (emphasis mine):

    The latest series of polling data suggests that support for school choice in America is on the rise. A 2013 Luntz Global Public Opinion Survey (via National School Choice Week) showed that a majority of Americans fully support having more flexibility and more choice in their child's education:
    • Public support for school choice is growing. 73 percent of Americans support school choice, compared with 67 percent in 2010.
    • Parents want more education options for their children. 64 percent of parents said that, “if given the financial opportunity” they would send one or all of their children to a different school.
    • Parents don’t feel they have enough options. 64 percent of parents agreed with the statement: “when it comes to the options to educate my children the way I want them educated, I have wanted more options for my children’s education.”
    The Franklin Center recently released a new video touting their support of school choice and charter schools. Check it out here: If we want to address the problem with public schools in America, we need to get over the idea that there's a one-size fits-all solution to improving our education system.
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