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    Last month, I wrote about how the cancellation of "elective" surgeries, cancer screenings, and other important and often life-saving healthcare services is impacting the U.S. healthcare system. The trend has continued downward since then, with more healthcare professionals losing their jobs, their practices, and their livelihoods.  Additionally, the harmful impact on their now-former patients is, at this point, immeasurable.

    When it comes to shutdowns, the goal posts keep getting moved and people are noticing. We were told we needed to quarantine to keep the healthcare system from collapsing, and we did that. So why are we still shut down? Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports did an epic rant about this on Twitter which has picked up millions of views in a very short period of time.

    You mean to tell me that China's claim of having only 80,000 coronavirus cases is probably a lie? I am shocked:
    A leaked database from a Chinese military-run university suggests the country may have at least 640,000 COVID-19 cases — a figure substantially higher than Beijing’s dubious claim that it has seen just 80,000 coronavirus infections.
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