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    Democrat Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum has about an even shot of becoming Governor of Florida, if the polls are accurate. He might even be a slight favorite to defeat Republican Ron DeSantis. There's a lot politically not to like about Gillum -- he's on the far left of the Democratic Party, and that's saying a lot. His proposals could do serious damage to Florida. Yet in this age of Democrat anti-Trump rage, and a soft-spot for socialism in the party, Gillum just might pull it off.

    It doesn't look like Congress is going to act on Obama's unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) any time soon.  Listless Congressional Democrats, pressured by their base and DACA advocates, are reportedly mulling over attaching it to a budget bill in the hopes that they can pull enough GOP support to squeeze it through. The idea is that such a move will force the hand of Republicans who want to avoid a government shutdown over DACA.  The CBO released a report last Friday that estimated DACA passage would cost American taxpayers $25.9 billion over the next decade.

    We wrote recently how BDS is a settler-colonial ideology, in that it invades, conquers, and subjugates other movements to advance anti-Israel actvism. There are few instances where this is more apparent than Dream Defenders, one of the key groups in the Black Lives Matter movement. Dream Defenders was initially formed to protest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in Florida, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Yet, following the pattern of many organizations who organize under the ideology of 'intersectionality', Dream Defenders has transformed itself from an organization fighting for a change in the criminal laws of the state of Florida, into one which is identified with the bizarre attempt to link Black Lives Matter to the Palestinian cause. The struggle to protect young black men in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S. from allegedly unlawful police violence apparently also involves 'liberating' Palestine, i.e. the destruction of the state of Israel, and bizarre crushes on terrorist organizations like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. How? Why? What is the connection? Everything's connected, say advocates of intersectionality.
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