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    Donald Trump has a knack for finding the weakest spot in other candidates. Trump has eviscerated Jeb with the "low energy" line. It worked because it both fit Jeb's persona (if not reality) and also was something a lot of people were thinking but not saying. It was a weak spot for Jeb no one knew was coming. So too, Trump's zeroing in on Bill Clinton's serial abuse of women hits a weak spot for Hillary even more so than "low energy" hurt Jeb. Hillary is going all "War On Women" in her campaign. Yet her husband was the actual War on Women before Democrats reinvented the term. How do we know it's a sensitive spot for Hillary? Look at how the media is reacting. No one is saying Trump is wrong, but we get word games such as Clinton "allegedly" having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a young intern under the control of the most powerful man in the United States:

    One of the things that I find amusing about the Democrats' war on the Koch brothers is the fact that it seems to be based more in projection than in fact.  George Soros is notoriously behind and/or involved in a slew of progressive initiatives, websites, and assorted pot stirrings. It's usually a good idea to know what the opposition is thinking, so it's worth taking a look at the article he penned for The Guardian entitled "The terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn't give in."   In it, Soros claims that terrorists have discovered that western, "open" societies have a key weakness that can be exploited:  a fear of death. Note how he singles out France's response to the Paris attacks as being particularly "irrational" (as we'll see, he's quite happy with America's president's non-response to terrorism.):
    Open societies are always endangered. This is especially true of America and Europe today, as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, and the way that America and Europe, particularly France, have reacted to them.

    The mainstream media is having a lot of fun reporting that Hillary is this year's Gallup "Most Admired Woman" for a "record 20th time." What they are leaving out, however, is that it appears that the long list of scandals and controversies that have plagued her since leaving her position as Secretary of State in early 2013 may be catching up with her (read LI's Hillary coverage here). When one looks more closely at the Gallup poll, it becomes clear that while still topping the list, Hillary has fallen quite sharply since December 2012. Take a look at the following:

    Hillary Clinton is already playing the sexism card against Donald Trump but he responded quickly by implying that if she persists in that line of attack, he's going to start bringing up her husband's checkered past. And her treatment of the women. Robert Fowler reports at Opposing Views:
    Donald Trump To Hillary Clinton: 'Be Careful' When Playing 'War On Women Card' Hitting back at Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s charge that he is a sexist, Donald Trump has responded with a vague threat, telling her to “be careful!” Trump sparked outrage during a Dec. 21 campaign rally when he mocked Clinton for using the restroom during the Dec. 19 Democratic debate, calling it “too disgusting.” The business mogul then used a slang term that many found to be a crude, derogatory slur against women, saying that President Barack Obama “schlonged” Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary.

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump once briefly owned the Miss Universe pageant, which he purchased after years of owning the Miss USA franchise and turning it around fiscally in his signature style. He sold it as he began seriously pursing the GOP nomination, and the subsequent contest turned out to be historic...for the controversies. In one of the most painful moments ever televised or shared via social media to an international audience, the host named the wrong contestant Miss Universe.

    Trump has now scandalized people by using a Yiddish expression to describe what happened to Hillary Clinton at the hands of the Obama forces back in 2008:
    She was favored to win and she got schlonged, she lost.
    Now, for those of you who aren't especially up on Yiddish, "schlong" is one of the many Yiddish words used to describe the male member, as in genitalia. I won't bother to list the others; you can probably do it yourself. But, even as an ex-New Yorker, although I'm familiar with the word, I can't ever recall it being used as a verb before---which is the way Trump is using it here, as an equivalent of "screwed."

    Hillary lives with Bill Clinton. It's doubtful there is ANYTHING that could truly shock or dismay her when it comes to frat-boy-like behavior. Or sexual innuendo. Donald Trump said Hillary got "schlonged" in the 2008 election. Trump's explanation is that it means to be beaten badly: Regardless, whether a slang word to be beaten badly, or a Yiddish term for a schlong, there is zero chance Hillary was actually offended or upset. Zero. SHE LIVES WITH BILL CLINTON. She has covered for Bill Clinton's sexual antics and went after his female victims. Yet Hillary got teary eyed when talking about campaign bullying later that same day, an obvious reference to Trump's comment.

    Hillary Clinton flat-out lied when she claimed during the Democratic Debate on December 19, 2015, that ISIS was showing videos of Donald Trump's immigration comments as a recruiting tool. Despite the lack of any proof of the video claim, Team Hillary is refusing to apologize, and instead has fallen back on the more general claim that Trump still is ISIS's best recruiting tool:
    “He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter,” she said. “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”… When asked if Mrs. Clinton would apologize, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said, “Hell no. Hillary Clinton will not be apologizing to Donald Trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps ISIS recruit more terrorists.”
    Really? One can disagree with Trump's comments AND acknowledge that Hillary lied and Team Clinton is distracting from Clinton's own failures as Secretary of State.

    Hillary Clinton flat-out lied during the Democratic Debate on Saturday night. Throughout the debate, even when not the subject of a question, the candidates tried to out-do each other in condemning Donald Trump. It was a preview of a general election strategy. At one dramatic point, Hillary claimed that Trump's comments about a temporary halt to Muslim immigration were being used in ISIS videos as a recruiting tool. It was not a claim made in isolation. It came as Clinton tried to explain her ISIS and refugee strategies in the face of an American public which strongly (though not majority) supports Trump's position. This was Hillary's opportunity to convince the public that people need not give in to fear. Rather than making the case, Hillary just made stuff up:

    While I didn't think Donald Trump did a particularly great job in Tuesday's CNN debate, his poll numbers and recent comment about a temporary halt to Muslims coming into the country have stirred interest in his candidacy abroad.  The latest foreign leader to weigh in on Trump is Russian president Vladimir Putin who thinks Trump is "brilliant," "talented," and "very colorful." The Hill reports:
    Russian President Vladimir Putin had kind words for his “stablemate” Donald Trump during an annual end-of-the-year Q-and-A session in Moscow. "He’s a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” Putin told reporters, according to a translation by Interfax. "It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.”
    Putin claims that Trump was the "absolute leader" in the GOP presidential debates.

    The CNN Debate just ended, and I have only one clear impression -- Donald Trump has so completely emasculated Jeb Bush that this may be Jeb's last hurrah. Before getting to that, I don't think there was a clear winner. Trump was Trump; I don't think he gained or lost support based on this performance. He reiterated his pledge not to run independent, clearly and unequivocally. Rubio was very good ... except that for the first time people (particularly Rand Paul) hit him over the head hard on the Gang of 8 bill. I thought Cruz had some strong moments, but I just don't know that this will catapult him. Of the others, the only one who made any impression was Carly Fiorina, when she went after Hillary; but she played the gender card pretty hard, so I don't know if that turned people off. Now the big impression. Donald Trump has mastered the art of making Jeb look small. Even when Jeb scores a substantive point about Trump, Jeb lessens his own stature for the fight after Trump mocks him.

    Both Donald Trump and Ben Carson have stated that if the GOP attempts to manipulate the primary process they will run as independents. Trump tweeted: According to the Columbus Dispatch, March is the latest that they can launch independent runs.
    State filing deadlines would give the two Republicans until about March to launch independent or third-party campaigns, experts said. That would give a well-financed campaign enough time to gather sufficient signatures on petitions so the candidate could appear on the ballot in every state.

    I noted the other night that Donald Trump may have opened the "Overton Window" for Ted Cruz, by making Cruz acceptable to both Republican establishment types and general election voters who otherwise would have considered him Cruz conservative. I noted the fear of a liberal who wrote:
    Donald Trump looks like the warm-up act. Whoever follows him from the Republican party looks reasonable (and sane) by comparison.
    How will the mainstream media react if Cruz's current poll surge holds and he looks like a viable challenger to Trump? We know the answer, because there's a history here, one I documented back in August 2013. And ironically, it's a theme Trump appears to be taking up in a recent attack on Cruz. I called it the crazying of Ted Cruz, focusing on a Daily Beast article trying to portray Cruz as "creepy":
    A lifetime of achievement that would normally be heralded by liberals if achieved by a liberal Hispanic, devolves into creepiness on the slimmest of pretexts. This is all part of the crazying of Ted Cruz by liberal publications like the Daily Beast. It doesn’t matter what the substance is, they just want to associate the word “creepy” with Ted Cruz in the minds of the public, many of whom don’t read past the headline.

    I noticed this Facebook comment on the page of a local Ithaca liberal Democrat, on a post criticizing Donald Trump:
    Donald Trump looks like the warm-up act. Whoever follows him from the Republican party looks reasonable (and sane) by comparison.
    The commenter didn't use the term, but she was describing how Trump has moved The Overton Window. The Overton Window has been described as follows:
    The Overton window is a political theory that refers to the range (or window) of policies that the public will accept. The idea is that any policy falling outside the Overton window is out of step with public opinion and the current political climate, and formulated to try and shift the Overton window in a different direction, or to expand it to be wider.
    Has Trump moved the Overton Window? That's a theory advanced the other day by David French at National Review (h/t Instapundit):

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is in high gear among the GOP establishment and even more so among those on the left.  In a jaw-dropping story, an ACLU board member took to Facebook to urge people to massacre people who support Trump.  This person has since resigned in disgrace. CBSDenver reports:
    A board member for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado has resigned after urging people to kill supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Loring Wirbel’s Facebook post was captured by The Daily Caller – a right-leaning online newspaper. The post states, “The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, ‘This is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before Election Day.’ They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force…”
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