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    Wednesday, Trump met with a bipartisan group of legislators to discuss yet-to-be-drafted legislation meant to address the ongoing scourge of school shootings. Hoping to hash out which policies and current legislation could be lumped into one, comprehensive, passable bill, discussion ensued, some in front of the media. Several sound-bites from the meeting have been plucked out as though they're indicative of some greater scheme.

    Last Jan. 20th, I celebrated the inauguration of President Donald Trump by binge-watching all the coverage while drinking champagne labeled "Liberal Tears". Courtesy of my friend and fellow Egyptophile, Terry Lee Ebert Mendozza, I was able to drink more champagne to commemorate the first anniversary of his administration with many of President Trump's initial campaign supporters during the Red, White, and Blue Celebration at Mar-a-Lago hosted by Trumpettes USA.

    The latest furor is over certain remarks that Trump is alleged to have uttered during a meeting about immigration with Dick Durbin, Lindsay Graham, and "other government officials." His alleged remarks (some of which he has disputed) were criticized variously for both form and content: that the words were vulgar, and that they were bigoted. The most salient thing on which accounts seem to agree is that Trump referred to some countries—perhaps in Africa, perhaps also Haiti—as "shitholes" or "shithole countries." Let's go with that, anyway, as a good possibility.

    What can you say about soon-to-be-former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie?  At one time, it seemed his star was rising, that he was destined for the White House.  That is the historical moment to which Christie apparently clings. Christie, who leaves office—and almost certainly any political future—on January 16th, believes that if President Trump had not run in 2016, he'd be president today.

    The Bannon v. Trump v. Bannon drama just got a bit more interesting. Axios is reporting that Bannon has clarified the Woolff book controversy and has released a statement to Axios regarding his regrets about not responding to the "inaccurate reporting" of his quoted remarks. From Axios:
    Battered by the backlash from Michael Wolff's book, Steve Bannon is trying to make amends with the Trump family, providing a statement to Axios that expresses "regret" to President Trump and praises his son, Donald Trump Jr.

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), also a member of the committee, have asked the Department of Justice to investigate Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous dossier on then-candidate Donald Trump. The senators told the DOJ that they believe Steele made false statements to the FBI concerning his talks with news outlets about the dossier.

    President Donald Trump will sign the tax bill before he leaves for his Christmas vacation. At the last minute, Trump allowed in pool reporters. Trump will also sign the continuing resolution that will keep the government afloat through January 19.

    While Arab and Muslim leaders were calling for blood on the streets with 'new Intifada' and 'days of rage', and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders were lining up to join the chorus to condemn President Donald Trump for daring to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, leading Indian politicians such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationalist BJP party called the government follow US President's example and move the country's embassy to Jerusalem.
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