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    Joe Biden's pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas, who held a lower position at DHS under Obama. While the media is swooning over this choice, they're leaving out an important part of Mayorkas's record. In 2013, Mayorkas was embroiled in a scandal that involved the alleged sale of a U.S. visa to a Chinese executive for the sake of Hillary Clinton's brother.

    As we've covered here at LI, antifa violence in Portland, Oregon, and beyond long pre-dates the George Floyd protests that devolved into riots in cities across the country.  Yet the leftstream media would have us believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the antifa anarchists creating mayhem in Portland are peaceful protesters. We are seeing the most stunningly blatant and deeply bizarre gaslighting by both Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and the media about what has been going on in Portland.

    It wasn't enough that #TheResistance shouted DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a private DC restaurant in the summer of 2018. It wasn't enough that they made it personal by converging on her home, yelling chants and playing audio clips of immigrant children allegedly being separated from their families at the border. Now, as Nielsen prepares to make her exit from the Trump administration, a group comprised of some familiar high-profile Resistance faces have taken it a step further by urging a hiring boycott. And not just against Nielsen, but against any Trump officials involved in the so-called "child separation" immigration policy.

    Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned on Sunday after butting heads with President Donald Trump over policy and border control issues. He recently asked her "to close the ports of entry along the border and to stop accepting asylum seekers, which Ms. Nielsen found ineffective and inappropriate." Trump has chosen US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan as acting DHS secretary, but will he have the toughness Trump desires in the role? Some officials told CNN that they don't consider McAleenan "an ideologue or fire breather" when it comes to immigration.

    The House Appropriations Committee has introduced a fiscal year 2019 Homeland Security bill that includes $5 billion for a border wall that spans 200 miles and money to hire more ICE and border patrol agents. This could trigger a showdown with the Senate since that chamber only included $1.6 billion for a wall in its bill. President Donald Trump threatened a shut down of the government if he does not get more.

    It looks like you got your wish, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). She told MSNBC that #TheResistance will "harass them [members of the administration] until they decide that they're going to tell the president, 'No, I can't hang with you.'" Professor Jacobson documented the times that members of President Donald Trump's administration has faced harassment just this past week. Now the Department of Homeland Security has issued safety warnings for its staff after someone left a burned animal carcass on one official's front porch.

    The totalitarian impulses of #TheResistance have been a focus here ever since the attempt soon after the 2016 election to intimidate Electoral College Electors into not honoring the vote in their states. Since then, whether through Antifa or more normalized liberals, anything goes so long as it seeks to unwind the result of the election. The initial excuse was the Russia-collusion-mania, which we now know as the byproduct of Hillary operatives and intelligence/law enforcement agency Trump haters. There have been a rolling series of fabricated excuses, from Trump planning nuclear war with North Korea to the now omnipresent "border separation" issue.

    President Donald Trump's administration has decided to end special protections given to some El Salvador immigrants who came to America in 2001 after devastating earthquakes. Now, before you get all crazy, I'm seeing outlets bury this important detail: the protections will not end until September 2019. This will give those immigrants plenty of time to work on citizenship and stay in America. It will also give Congress time to work on immigration reform.

    One of the key reasons President Trump won last November was his stance on illegal immigration.  Between the wall and his promise to provide relief to ICE agents whose hands were tied by the Obama administration, the president won a first: an endorsement for a candidate in a presidential election from the ICE agents' union. ICE, like (too) many executive agencies, has been polluted by Obama appointees and loyalists, so the ICE agents in the field are not getting the support they need to meet the president's illegal immigration goals.  Indeed, ICE managers are reportedly making questionable calls like ordering ICE agents not to wear bullet-proof vests because doing so "might offend" illegal aliens. A contingent of ICE agents frustrated by their management have launched the website JIC Report in the hopes of getting the Commander in Chief's attention and letting him know that they are being hobbled by Obama holdovers who flout the president's illegal immigration agenda at every turn.
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