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    College students have long been a key demographic for the left, and the resources put into voter registration drives and get out the vote efforts have often paid off for Democrats. However, college-age voters are also less likely to vote than older demographics, and they are facing new challenges with the Wuhan coronavirus shutdowns of college campuses across the country.

    Nancy Pelosi has reportedly begun rallying Democrats in the event the House is called upon to decide the 2020 presidential election. The House is constitutionally provided the privilege of selecting the president in the unlikely event of an Electoral College tie.  A "contingent election" such as this has not happened since 1824, and happened only once before that in 1800, so there is some confusion about what it actually entails.

    The Democratic effort to, without evidence, paint President Trump as a reckless leader who has put pressure on scientists to skip safety protocols to approve a pre-Election Day Wuhan Coronavirus vaccine continued apace on Wednesday. This time, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden fueled conspiracy theories on the matter.
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