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    In a move reminiscent of the exploitation of the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday in 1973 to launch an attack on Israel, Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine has launched a last minute, sneak Divestment Resolution which is to come up for initial discussion on less than 48 hours notice this Thursday afternoon, April 10, at 4:30 p.m. The notice was just posted on the Cornell Assembly website, although I heard rumors earlier today it might be coming. Cornell Assembly Divestment Proposed April 8 The full Resolution linked on the Assembly website is embedded at the bottom of this post. Here's the operative part:
    (22) Be it resolved, that Cornell University will further examine its assets for investments in companies that a) provide military support for, or weaponry to, the occupation of Palestinian territory or b) facilitate the building or maintenance of the illegal separation wall or the demolition of Palestinian homes, or c) facilitate the building, maintenance or economic development of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory, (23) Be it further resolved, that Cornell University will make information about all of its assets public, pertaining especially to its investments, (24) And be it finally resolved, that Cornell University will end its complicity with the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and divest its holdings from the aforementioned companies and any other companies that profit directly from Israeli military occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Moreover, Cornell University will not make further investments in companies that materially support or profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.
    Passover starts Monday night, April 14, and many Jewish students at Cornell leave on Thursday to head home for the holidays. If the Resolution is not tabled on Thursday, the Resolution will come to a formal vote on the following Thursday, April 17, in the middle of Passover, just a day after Jewish students return to campus after Passover Seders. By so scheduling the Resolution, SJP and its supporters in the Student Assembly have sought to put Jewish students and campus groups at a disadvantage, literally forcing them to choose between celebrating the Jewish People's Exodus from slavery in Egypt or organizing to fight the Divestment Resolution.

    The so-called knockout game is receiving a lot of media attention. It's hard to know if it is escalating in frequency, or just getting more media coverage: An incident on November 16, 2013 at the edge of the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY, appears to fit this pattern of an unprovoked, seemingly random sucker punch to the face of a stranger without any apparent robbery or other motive (emphasis added):

    November 18, 2013 Assault reported on University Ave, near Lake St, 11/16/13 The Ithaca Police Department is investigating a reported assault that occurred on

    University Ave., near Lake Street, around 3:11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013.

    According to the male victim, he and a friend were walking on University Ave., near Lake Street, when they were approached by two males. The victim reports that the two males did not say anything, but one of the males punched the victim in the face with a closed fist causing pain and physical injury. The victim describes the perpetrators as a tall black male wearing dark clothing and a shorter Hispanic male also wearing dark clothing. The perpetrators then fled the area in a southerly direction on University Ave. The extent of the injury to the victim was not immediately apparent at the time of the incident and has been upgraded to an Assault.

    The Cornell Review, the conservative newspaper on campus, has a long history of serving up great interns for Legal Insurrection. You may remember Kathleen McCaffrey who was the first Legal Insurrection writer (other than me) and to whom we bid farewell in May 2012 after 1.5 years and over 300 posts (and who recently got married, congratulations!); Michael Alan (who wrote from time to time, and also took the video of the Syracuse Honor Flight return), and of course, Laurel Conrad our current intern, and President of the Cornell Review. So it is with much pleasure that we note The Cornell Review has received the Buckley Award from the Collegiate Network, part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which supports conservative students on campuses around the country. [caption id="attachment_71186" align="alignnone" width="350"](L-R: Collegiate Network program officer Lillian Gerken; Cornell Review President Laurel Conrad and Editor-in-Chief Michael Navarro; Intercollegiate Studies Institute Pres. Chris Long) (L-R: Collegiate Network program officer Lillian Gerken; Cornell Review President Laurel Conrad and Editor-in-Chief Michael Navarro; Intercollegiate Studies Institute Pres. Chris Long)[/caption] Here's the statement read at the award ceremony:

    Parking in a university lot with an anti-Obama bumper sticker. From a reader on staff at Cornell: I don't remember seeing this bumper sticker on your site. The photo was taken in the parking lot of Cornell's parking office. ...

    The conservative undergraduate bi-weekly newspaper on campus, The Cornell Review, has a new website where you can read the newspaper in a pretty cool viewer.  Kathleen is the Executive Editor.  Pretty soon they will integrate the Cornell Insider, the blog affiliate, into the website. The Cornell Review also...