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    The recent interaction in DC between high school students (one in particular) and an older activist who is Native American reminded me of a warning I once received from a colleague as to how I needed to prepare myself if I ever was in a hostile crowd or confronted. A classic leftist/occupy activist tactic, I was warned, was to confront a target and immediately start screaming that the target was being aggressive even though that was not true.

    The lack of a fair and due process for men going through campus sexual assault disciplinary processes has been a frequent topic here. We long ago warned of these Kangaroo courts for men on campus, resulting from a directive from the Obama Department of Education. That directive has been jettisoned by the Trump Education Department, but many schools still cling to it because ideologically the campus culture presumes that there is a "rape culture" and that men are aggressors.

    I make instant coffee in my office rather than pay the exorbitant coffee prices in local cafes. (I'm also too lazy to walk to get coffee in the faculty lounge, which is of questionable quality anyway.) But then again, I'm not as rich as many of the students, who think nothing of dropping $4 on a latte, because they don't actually "pay" for it, they just show a barcode on their phone and presto, it gets charged to someone somewhere (probably parents).