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    One part of my communications with Brown Prof. Naoko Shibusawa has stuck in my mind:
    "You can quote those two lines. Those only."
    Shibusawa is the person featured in my post Tuesday night, Brown U. divestment committee faculty member signed 2009 letter calling Israel Apartheid state.  The post started by referencing her support for the Brown shout-down of Ray Kelly expressed in her Letter to the Editor of the Brown Daily Herald:
    "... I want to point out that every movement toward social justice in U.S. history has included “misbehavior.” “Misbehavior” is a tactic of the disempowered toward disrupting the status quo.... So unlike [Biology Prof. Ken Miller who denounced the shout-down], I applaud the student protesters for their moral courage in a righteous cause against racial profiling and brutal police tactics and for their resolution in the face of the harsh criticisms they have since endured. I am proud of you. You inspire me to try to be a better teacher, scholar and person.
    Shibusawa initially told me by phone “I don’t know what the purpose is [of my call] and what you want to do” and “I’ve checked out your blog.” She continued, that it “looks like you want to portray me as some sort of extremist” but “I believe in social justice.” Shibusawa then said, “You can describe me as extreme.” Fair enough.  But then the follow up email, telling me what I was allowed to say about the conversation (emphasis added):

    As Americans are debating over how to react to the situation in Syria, there have been some fascinating developments elsewhere in the world well worth noting. For example, one of Scandinavia's most nanny-state governments has had an election that tilted their state dramatically rightward: Conservative Party leader...

    There is a prime opportunity in the Indiana Republican primary to elect a solid conservative, Richard Mourdock, and to retire Obama's favorite Republican, Richard Lugar, who has an abysmal voting record. I will be supporting Mourdock, and I hope you will help with this important race. I first wrote...

    Almost. Via BuzzFeed Politics: A video posted today shows conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart shouting "Behave yourselves!" and "Stop raping people!" at Occupiers protesting outside CPAC this afternoon. He also calls them "freaks and animals." According to Campus Progress writer Emily Crockett, who filmed the video at around 6:15...

    Michael Reagan, in this interview with Mark Levin, shoots down the smears spread by the Romney campaign and its supporters regarding Newt and Ronald Reagan. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lord has another great piece, Newt Battles Mush From the Wimps (h/t jiminsocal in the Tip Line): The war between conservatives and...

    Amazingly, while Barack Obama's college, law school, and State Senate records are sealed in a vault to which there is no key, The Wall Street Journal has uncovered Newt's employment records from the 1970s when he was teaching history and then geography at West Georgia College and...

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